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Speakers: D = David Mason, C = Client




S mm:ss Dialogue Comment
C 61:40 I had a girlfriend and children and ..... I had been in the country for three years.... coming from India .... been very successful on the economic thing, got a girlfriend ... one day at the same time I have a... all my business collapsed ... and the person I look for her and I have to go outside the country because ... everything is very complicated, you know....and I was mentally.... I couldn't work, I couldn't do anything.... I went to the other country and I was in absolute poverty there for a year and sort out the problems, you know....  
D 62:43 That sounds very like it. Encourager
C 62:45 Yes, it was a big thing for me.  
D 62:50 So would you build a fence around yourself then, to protect yourself? Restatement
C 62:52 Probably, because it changed everything and then I could not go back to my country for ten years or more  
D 63:05 So the fence is there to protect the tree, isn't it? Developing
C   mmm  
D 63:15 So you think you built a fence to protect yourself? Developing
C 63:21 I don't know, maybe my subconscious.....  
D 63:24 Your subconscious has, yes.....  
D   So if you have a fence built all around you.....what sort of man builds a fence with no way in and no way out? Developing
C 63:40 Yeah, because after that I went to England and I arrived in England for work....I had a friend there...and the Customs wouldn't let me into the country... The Customs know I want to work there and put me on a plane and I went back to [a neighbouring country]. No money, again. But I got a job again, after a year, back to England, then I got my job offshore, I was three weeks on and three weeks off [on an oil rig] and it was security, you know, after so many years of poverty...  
D 64:23 Right... Encourager
C 64:23 And I stuck in my job for ten years, I didn't look for anything else, I looked only to save money and I tried to work a lot of extra time to save money and the I could start a business, you know? But I got disappointed again. Ahh business....after ten years I met Carol, my wife...  
D 64:54 Good. Encourager
C 64:56 I have been losing all my life, I don't know how I can be so low  
C 65:05 I have disputation on my job, you know, three weeks.  
D 65:08 And what is the fence for? Intention
C 65:12 The fence? To protect me, you know.... Accepts
D 65:18 So this fence was to protect you? Seeking buy-in
C 65:19 Yeah...  
C 65:22 But I lose my initiative because my security is there, money coming in, easy money, you know? Then my age is starting [getting old], my mind ... hemmed in .... I am beginning to feel trapped, you know Source of the conflict
D 65:40 So this is why you don't want to leave this fence? Because if you leave the fence you will no longer have the security. But you feel trapped in it. Restating
D 65:55 But you know you can destroy the fence. ....You have a choice. You can destroy the fence.... Seeking buy-in
C 66:10 I am still inside it, you think? Objection
D 66:12 You could build a much bigger fence. You could build a bigger fence.... and still be inside it... and this fence allows you to grow things .... allows you to have a house.... a white timber house....and animals and you can do things in that bigger fence.... and that fence can be as big as you want. .... and it will give you hope....and you don't have to have a small fence.... Reassurance
C 66:42 mmm Objection
D 66:44 You can destroy that small fence and build a much bigger fence, can't you? Which will give you freedom, you still have security.... What would have to happen for you to built that bigger fence? Seeking buy-in
C 67:10 Go ahead, no? Accepts
D 67:12 Go ahead, yes. Anything else? Reassurance
C 67:17 Well, get out from the small first, no? Accepts
D 67:20 Get out from the small one. Is there any .... can you get out from the small one? Seeking buy-in
C 67:26 Yeah, I think I am in the process now... Confirmation
D 67:28 Right, you can get out from the small one..... And will you get out from the small one? Seeking buy-in
C 67:38 Yeah Confirmation
D 67:43 So this small can just...push it over. Developing
D 67:48 And then what? Forward
C 68:01 And then I can make another fence? Or I don't need to make a fence? Objection
D 68:06 Up to you...... Does the tree need security? Seeking buy-in
C 68:15 Yeah..... I need some.... now with the family, things are changed.... I need some  
D 68:35 But you can't put a family inside a small fence. Seeking buy-in
C 68:38 mmm  
D 68:42 So can you have security and a family? Seeking buy-in
C 68:48 In a big fence....Yeah Accepts
D 68:53 You can? Confirmation
D 68:55 So you can push down the small fence ... and build a much bigger fence,.... and live inside that...and that will give the tree security ... and you could put your family in a timber house...a garden....and to things... and have more hope. Now what would happen to your initiative if you had a much bigger fence? Developing
C 69:23 Well would be going to improve and .... and become alive again. Accepts and develops metaphor
D 69:35 Uhuh... and what would happen to your progress? Developing
C 69:37 Yeah, everything is start coming again, now. Buys in
D 69:41 And this could happen? Confirmation
C 69:43 Yeah Buys in
D 69:46 And would you feel stuck? Confirmation
C 69:50 No. Buys in
D 69:53 And would you feel that something was controlling you? That you had no power over? Confirmation
C 70:00 No...ah... well... I still have some...sin inside me, I would say, from the past...still know.... all my addictions...can come in anytime, things like know. Objection
D 71:10 But for the present you could get rid of that fence and build a much bigger one and still be secure and look after your family and that would give you hope Reassurance
C   mmm  
D 71:32 ...and initiative.... Reassurance
C   mmm  
D 71:34 ....and freedom....and you would be in control... Reassurance
C   Yeah  
D 71:36 ..and you wouldn't feel you were restricted any more... Reassurance
C 70:40 Yeah  
D 70:41 ...and that would be good, wouldn't it? Reassurance
C 70:44 Yes, it would. I know I need to do...physical myself...I need to do something I need to change these things... to ...and I feel we are in the process now with my job with everything, with my life, I know... Accepts
D 71:01 Yes, you know..... I think you have discovered why you feel stuck and unable to move on, and I think now you know you can kick that old fence and build up a much much wider one. Reassurance
C 71:10 mmm  
D 71:12 Which will allow you to get on with your life... which is what you wanted to do... Testing that opening problem is overcome
C 71:17 Yeah. Confirms
D 71:18 And have hope..... And if you kick down that small fence, would you still feel like you were waiting to die? Testing that all aspects have clear
C 71:30 No. Now, eh... It possible now, I hope I have much more year to ... I am going to destroy it, there are a lot of things to do now, you know, I have children, I want something for the family.... Positive intention, gives definite actions
D 71:50 So can you learn new things now? Everything cleared?
C 71:57 Yeeeah.....I mean..... sure. Confirms
D 72:03 So what has changed from an hour ago?.... an hour ago, you told me you couldn't do these things..... and now you are sure you can....  
C 72:17 Yeah....yeah(surprised) .... I mean...  
D 72:33 Do you still feel ..... trapped? Everything cleared?
C 72:38 No  
D 72:42 But you were trapped an hour ago... Future Pacing
C 72:44 Yeah,....sure.... but I still have some ahh....for example when I was in my home country I still.... my mother was there, my sister ... I have a sister ...she's the governor of the state... I said to her I am going to speak to the President, and she said you're crazy, so I explained to her, I said look, I'm a person, just like the President, my past is past... I was shot by this government twenty years ago and I want to say... your party to chucked me out, you didn't know, and look... and everybody thought I was crazy because of this idea. I said No, because I feel free I feel clean, you know....My past, what can I do, you know, my past was not very ... I don't have a good reputation in my country. From this point on the session is about testing various scenarios to make sure the old limitations are dead. The balance of the conversation changes, the client talks a lot more than the therapist as he tries out the new mind set.
C 74:00 But what can I do now? I can't carry more. It's finished.  
D 74:10 Can a man with your past build a new fence? Confirmation
C 74:11 Sure  
D 74:12 So that's not going to stop you then. Reassurance
C 74:15 And my mother liked it when I said in front of my sister, and she's from the government and she's so....Oh, it's best for to forget... Otherwise there will be depression about these little things, you know?  
C 74:33 But my mother for once she liked it, she saw I am getting out of the frustration ... or limitatioh  
D 74:46 But you are out of it, you are out of this part. Confirmation
C 74:48 Yeah  
D 74:50 And you feel you are still carrying heavy bags with you? Testing
C 74:57 Yes, in the sense for example my family, in my family nobody trap me, you know, in these things I can count on my family, in these things, you know? Because my reputation mark me, you know and I can't do nothing. But my wife she believe in me, she understands me she back me. I have a new life with my wife in New Zealand.  
D 75:25 So you have a new life, in a new country... why do you need to go and look at your old life? Reassurance
C 75:37 No, because I still have things there.  
D 75:40 But they are past. Clarification
C 75:43 Yeah...  
D 75:44 They don't follow you. Confirmation
C 75:46 No, no. But I still have some lands that belong to me over there know, that I want to rescue. But be free from here, you know, I don't to involve my family ... maybe it is past, but I life is my life.... Mentions practical problems, not emotional ones.
D 76:08 Can you not get a lawyer to look after that?  
C 76:10 Well,....yeah....what happened was, because I have my farm there, I have my orchards...and....  
D 76:33 And you want to keep that?  
C 76:37 Yeah, I think so.  
D 76:39 You could sell it, I don't know.... And buy one here?  
C 76:41 Yeah, I could sell it  
D 76:50 I know you soon....forgive me but your mother won't live forever and your father won't live for ever ... and your sisters will go away to their husbands maybe it's time to think of leaving your home country.... leave behind all your past... no one in this country needs to know ... it would be clean ... a new start. This section starts the post session reinforcement - Repeated affirmations of positive change as inevitable. Direct suggestions for change.
C 77:15 Yeah... when I coming home [to NZ] after three days I was depressed, you know... very depressed... very bad energy in my family, at the moment, you know.  
D 77:31 It's not easy to deal with that Encourager
C 77:32 mmm  
D 7:42 Maybe you have an opportunity now.... build a new fence, new security....You can stay here as long as you want, can't you? ....You have a New Zealand passport, a new identity and new life. That will give you security, will it not?... Maybe you can think of those things? Direct suggestion ' Affirmation of positive change
C 78:19 mmm  
D 78:22 Might be time for you to.... reassess... some of your assumptions, some of the very basic things - Who am I? - Where do I live?.... Where is my heart? .... If you live where your heart is, then... that's OK. ..... When you go to a new place, no one knows your past..... No one has to know. ..... And you can forget it too. .... Direct suggestion ' Affirmation of positive change
C 79:04 mmm  
D 79:05 Almost like it happened to someone else.... You are not the same man you were twenty five years ago..... You have the same name, but... that's all. Maybe you can forgive yourself?....put down the bags....Many things are possible,....I think you have many options,... Direct suggestion ' Affirmation of positive change
C 79:55 Yeah  
D 79:55 ...a new start, a new job....things in your family are going to change quite soon... a lot. Your new family is looking for you... Direct suggestion ' Affirmation of positive change
D 80:20 So ah... if you were looking for hope, where would you look? Setting off internal search for resources
D 80:30 You know, there's so much..... that's not good in one place.... and so much that's very good.... in another place... I think you might do very well here.... Maybe it's time to leave these old things ... just accept .... As I said... there may be a reason why you had to come through all these journeys to arrive here.... Linking current changes to previous belief. Direct suggestion.
C 81:10 mmm  
D 81:15 Your karma is actually working. Direct suggestion
C 81:17 mmm  
D 81:21 That's a possibility, isn't it? ... And now you know you're not .... tied in... now .. if your circumstance change, then your addictions can change....That's something else you can leave behind...So I think you have a lot to think about ... and some very good possibilities... so I think the only thing you have to decide is how big a fence you have to build .... because you can have security... and your family and don't have to feel stuck or restricted at all....and all those things that happened so long ago can....well...they can stay long ago. Nobody else needs to know. If you don't tell them, they will never know..... and it can just ... fade. Not many people get a new chance... Direct suggestion ' Affirmation of positive change
C 83:05 mmm  
D 83:23 So what do you think? Testing
C 83:25 Yeah. I feeling...nice.  
D 83:33 Good. I think you have many, many possibilities. Direct suggestion
C 83:33 mmm  
D 83:40 I am very pleased. I think you have made a big decision today. You have actually, in your mind, destroyed this fence, realised what it is for, that you had all that...ah... unpleasantness, for ten years you felt completely locked in, and that kept you safe. And now you don't need it. You can decide where the boundary is ... not feel as if you can't move. And I think if you sleep, you will probably dream about it. And you will wake up realising you can build your fence any way you want to. Direct suggestion ' Affirmation of positive change
C 84:22 mmm  
D   That has cleared quite a large part of your problem... because you now know how to progress. Hmm?....I think that's very good. Direct suggestion
D 85:00 Metaphor modelling works. Affirmation of positive change



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