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Speakers: D = David Mason, C = Client




S mm:ss Dialogue Comment
D 35:34 Is there any other way that maybe one of these sides could fall down? Seeking resources
C 35:40 Well, if animal came, a cow... New resource appears
D 35:45 An animal could come? Developing
C 35:45 Yeah  
D 35:49 A cow maybe... Restating
C 35:50 Yes a cow, or...even....  
D 36:00 OK. So there are animals outside? Probing resource
C 36:03 No, I don't see any animals but this is an alternative, I meah  
D 36:11 So if there were animals in the grass outside.... they could break down that fence. Probing resource
C 36:18 Yes.  
D 36:22 And if you have all that grass outside, what else could be there? Probing resource
C 36:33 Could be a cow...  
D 36:34 Could be a cow... Anything else? Probing resource
C 36:42 No. Resource expires
D 36:45 So with time one side could fall down... and if one side fell down, would you still feel stuck and stopped... and not able to make progress and no freedom and no initiative? Back to probing the fence
C 37:15 Yeah, it probably mean I been... I can get used to live there ... and if the fence maybe just stay around, no?  
D 37:33 So you could leave? Probing boundaries
C 37:37 Yeah Accepts possibility
D 37:38 But you might not choose to? Is that right? Probing resistance
  37:42 Well, yeah.  
D 37:44 So if one side of this fence that surrounds you fell down... what would stop you leaving? Probing for barriers
C 38:00 Maybe I walk, .... maybe start a new life... start new things...effort (long silence)  
D 38:50 And so if you were in this fence, a white fence with points, that is two inches wide and it surrounds you ... and you feel trapped inside that... and not able to move ... and one side could fall down ... would you still feel trapped and not able to move? Probing for barriers
C 39:30 Well at least I have an go and explore ... a new chance. Considers change
D 39:44 And would you go and explore? Confirming change
C 39:45 Yeah.  
D 39:47 And what sort of exploring would you do? Encouraging buy-in
C 38:58 At least walk... have a look... Commits to change
D 40:00 You could walk and have a look... Consolidation
C 40:03 Yeah  
D 40:06 And how far would you walk? Encouraging buy-in
C 40:15 Maybe a hundred meters maybe more  
D 40:20 A hundred meters... Restating
C 40:20 Yeah  
D 40:22 And if you walked a couple of hundred meters and looked back at that fence with one side down, how do you think you would feel? Pushing the metaphor
C 40:56 (Long silence).....mmm....(long silence) ....How do you mean, feel?  
D 41:02 You're looking back at this fence, there's a tree inside it, one side is down, how do you think you would feel looking back at it? Pushing the metaphor
C 41:15 Look like old, like the past. Differentiates past
D 41:20 It would look like the past? Restating
C 41:22 Yes  
D 41:35 And if it looked like the past, would you still be trapped by that? Would you still feel stuck? And no progress and no freedom and no initiative? Probing for barriers
C 41:45 Yeah, I'm sure I would still feel familiar to the old place, because I know there it is my territory. Everything is new, fresh, young.  
D 42:10 Alright...  
D 42:17 What would happen to the tree? If one of the sides fell down? Probing the tree
C   No response  
D 42:40 Tell me, what is the tree for? Probing the tree
C 43:03 I don't know, it's just ... mmmm ......this specific tree?  
D 43:15 The tree that is surrounded by the white fence. Restating
C 43:35 I don't know  
D 43:42 So if we have this tree, it's five meter tall, it's trunk is this wide, it's green, it's a hundred years old - why did someone put a white fence round it? Pushing the metaphor
C 44:10 To protect this tree, you know? Accepts the metaphor
D 44:15 So the fence is there to protect the tree? Intention
C 44:17 Uh-huh  
D 44:19 Protect it from what? Developing
C 44:31 Well normally you use for animals.  
D 44:33 So, like a cow Restating
C 44:34 Yeah.  
D 44:40 So you have got to protect that tree? Intention
C 44:44 Yeah  
D 44:55 And does the fence protect the tree? Developing
C 45:03 A little  
D 45:05 A little... Restating
C 45:06 More for decoration  
D 45:08 So it's more for decoration, it doesn't really protect the tree because it can fall dowh Restating
C 45:13 Yeah  
D 45:16 Suppose, suppose one side fell down ... and over there the other side fell down ... that would be through (indicates with hand) ... What would happen to these sides if there was nothing holding them up? Developing
C 45:40 If there was time, they would fall.  
D 45:45 So you would have this tree, in the middle, and no fence. Restating
D 45:53 What would happen then? Intention
C 46:01 It would need to learn to be more harmonious with the environment, with its surroundings... all trees don't need a fence, you know?  
D 46:15 This is true. All trees don't need a fence Restating
D 46:19 So the tree could be more harmonious with its environment...  
C 46:23 Yes.  
D 46:23 It doesn't really need that fence? Developing
C 46:24 No.  
D 46:26 So it if doesn't need the fence, then we could just leave it down? Developing
C 46:30 Sure  
D 46:35 And that would be OK? Confirming
C 46:35 Yes.  
D 46:44 So if you have this fence around you and it all falls down...and you don't need the fence...what happens next? Forward
C 47:00 Well, I need to ....try out ... a new things... the new territory, you know?  
D 47:15 So, you have this fence round you and you feel comfortable inside it... but also it stops you making progress.... Restating
C 47:30 mmm  
D 47:33 And it gives you no freedom ... and it takes away all your initiative and you feel stuck and it's just an addiction... Restating
D 47:57 But you can push this fence don't need this fence... Restating
C 48:06 Hmmm (agrees)  
D 48:17 What would need to happen for that fence to be made a lot bigger? Developing
C 48:20 The fence?  
C 48:34 We would have to make a new one, no?  
D 48:35 Uhuh, a new one.  
D 48:40 And where would the new fence be made? How far from the tree? Location
C 48:48 Well, .... two meters around the trunk.  
D 48:57 That's where the existing one is... Location
C 49:04 Yes....completely it would be separate  
D 49:15 But could you make it much bigger? Development
C 49:20 Yes we could make it one... like one half hectare  
D 49:30 So you could make a fence that held half a hectare? Developing
C 49:31 You mean more wide?  
D 49:35 Yes. One that was further away. Developing
C 49:40 Yes, much more, one hectare, half a hectare  
D 49:43 And is it possible to do that? Developing
C 49:44 Yes.  
D 49:45 And if there was a fence that was half a hectare... and you were inside it, would that give you more freedom, more initiative? Developing
C 50:00 Yes  
D 50:01 So what has to happen for that new fence to be built? How could it happen? Intention
C 50:13 Probably destroy the old...for what reason it is fall down, you need a reason to build, so for what reason you want to build a nice fence?  
D 50:30 So what reason could there be? Developing
C 50:35 Could be because you can grow things inside the fence ... depends if there is animal around  
D 50:45 You can grow things inside the fence, yes? Restating
C 50:47 Yes, you can make a fence and then start to build a house or.. many things, you know?  
D 50:55 You could build a house inside the fence.... and so we could destroy the old fence and build a new fence.... Intention
C 51:06 Yeah  
D 51:07 .... and inside that new fence, you could feel in control? Seeking buy-in
C 51:13 Yeah... yes because I am in my territory, I can separate.... what is mine from my neighbour, you know? Accepts the change
D 51:28 And would half a hectare be enough? Developing
C 51:35 No, it can be bigger.  
D 51:40 So you could make that same white fence but much, much bigger, yes? Developing
C 51:45 Yes.  
D 51:46 And so you could make a really big fence and you could grow things inside it and make a house Seeking buy-in
C 51:50 Yes, there could be garden and a house and... you know?  
D 52:02 A house with a garden... what kind of house? Attributes
C 52:20 Maybe of timber?  
D 52:25 Of timber? and what colour would you paint your house? Attributes
C 52:37 Colour? ... Maybe white?  
D 52:38 So inside a really big fence, where you wouldn't feel stuck, where you would be able to make progress and freedom, you could build a white timber house with a small garden and grow things, and would that be better than the small two meter fence that's there now? Consolidation
C 53:02 Sure  
D 53:03 So what would have to happen for that small two meter fence to be destroyed? How could that be destroyed? Intention
C 53:24 I can put it down.  
D 53:25 You could knock it down? Seeking buy-in
C 53:26 Yes.  
D 53:26 And how would you do that? Confirmation
C 53:35 With a big hammer...or with my feet...  
D 53:39 With a big hammer,..... or with your feet, could just... Another resource
D 53:45 ....destroy it.....  
D 53:46 ... and can you do that? Seeking buy-in
C 53:47 yes  
D 53:48 You can do that? Seeking buy-in
D 53:50 And could you build a bigger fence? Seeking buy-in
C 53:55 Yeah... I have never done it personally, but...sure Accepts
D 54:00 But you feel you could build a bigger fence? Confirmation
C 54:03 Yes.  
D 54:04 And in that bigger fence, you would have......freedom? Developing
C 54:10 At least better than before, no? Better situation.... I could have more hope, .....more things....mmm  
D 54:27 So you would have more hope, you would be in control... Restating
C 54:30 I can do things....  
D 54:38 You could do things...... Restating
D 54:42 .... and what would happen after that? Forward
D 54:51 You build yourself a much bigger fence and a timber house and a garden and you could do things and it would give you more hope... Restating
C 54:58 Maybe after that want to happen the same but in some different way .... you always want .... something better, no? or something different?  
D 55:18 And if you needed to....could you knock down that bigger fence? Developing
C 55:23 Yes. Accepts
D 55:24 And build a bigger one still? Seeking buy-in
C 55:25 Yes Accepts
D 55:27 And so this could give you more hope, and more freedom? Seeking buy-in
C 55:30 Yes. ...... In the material sense, you know?  
D 55:42 So you don't really need that little fence that's round you now? Seeking buy-in
C 55:47 No.  
D 55:49 You could just kick it down.....And can you kick it down? Seeking buy-in
C 56:00 Yes, I think so.... Accepts
D 56:02 If you could kick it down, that would get you away from being out of control, having all these addictions?... Give you more freedom? Developing
C 56:21 (Reluctantly)mmm Yeah ... symbolic no? I mean..... Objection
D 56:24 Symbolic, yes. Reassurance
C 56:28 Yes  
D 56:29 And that's how your mind sees it. Reassurance
D 56:39 So thinking back to that fence.....where do you think it came from, now? back to intention
C 56:52 How do you mean, what.... who made this fence for me?  
D 56:57 Who made the fence? Intention
C 57:02 Well probably my actions, myself, I make it with my life, no?  
D 57:13 But it wasn't always there? It's only five or ten years old? Age
C 57:42 Yeah....Yeah,...... in fact I don't know... I hear about it .... I was very free before  
C 58:00 Some years ago this happened to me, you know? Five seven or ten maybe....  
D 58:10 So maybe ten years ago you built this fence.... Age
C 58:12 Yes, you know before I never get angry for nothing, well you can take everything from me and now I get angry for little things you know, get pissed off with things you know, then habits will form to ...  
D 58:29 So what happened seven years ago, or ten years ago or five years.... Developing source of the fence
C 58:38 I don't ..... maybe what's changed in me  
D 58:44 It would have been more than a small change.... Developing
C 58:52 That was the time when I worked off shore, in England.  
D 58:56 Uhuh  
C 58:57 I didn't have any accident or anything like that... but eh...  
D 59:07 You have a disappointment? Developing
C 59:10 Yeah  
D 59:13 You think this disappointment has something to do with the fence? Restating
C 59:22 Not much can affect me, disappoint me, you know?  
D 59:27 Something caused you to build that fence... ten or seven or five years ago... and it has been there ever since and it has been restricting your freedom and it has been stopping your initiative. Restating
C 59:53 Maybe it was the end of my peak life, you know  
D 59:57 No this is a definite thing, this is something real...This is not an idea, this is something that actually made you do felt more comfortable inside this fence ... you felt more comfortable not being able to go feel that if you the time it was a good thing for you, something you needed. But now it is restricting you, it is controlling you, it is stopping you doing things you want to do. But recently the fence was there to protect the tree from something - that' what the fence is for, that's why it was built - It was built very close to the tree... it's there to protect the tree... and it's trying to protect the tree from.....something. And that something was a threat at that time. And you must have felt very threatened to have built this round you. Developing
D 61:15 Think about what it might have been that made you feel emotionally very threatened. Developing
C 61:30 I have a big thing, but it was a little bit earlier. It was in 1987.  
D 61:35 And what happened then? Encourager


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