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Metaphor for ending behavior

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This script consists of a powerful set of metaphors that allows people to break old habits, old beliefs, old ways of thinking and never go back to them. You can use it to stop smoking, to stop over eating, nail biting, obsessing about the past. Anything where the client needs to leave something behind and start a new behaviour.
The client is asked to imagine being on a bridge, a bridge that will take them to the place they need to go, and then they are stopped from getting across. The script then gets the client to take an action, and by doing that they are committed to the change, and can then continue across the bridge. Passing the sticking point is linked to powerful metaphors for release and personal freedom. These appeal to the spiritual and imaginative side of people. The client them crosses to the other side where all the important people in their life are waiting to welcome them and celebrate their release. This part locks into the need for supportive relationships. That support is then linked to another metaphor sweeping away the whole of the old environment so there is no going back.

This script can be applied to any kind of behaviour that needs to stop. It is extremely effective as part of a Stop Smoking Script even though it does not mention smoking at all. It is also great as part of a Weight Loss script. Whatever the habit, it empowers the client to make the change and keep it.

It works because its imagery generates powerful but non specific suggestions, so that the client's mind can apply those suggestions to the specific habit that they have.



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