Hypnotize someone by using their sense of taste
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Tasting Hypnosis
Tasting Hypnosis

How to use taste sensations for trance

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Taste and Smell Hypnosis Induction

Everyone experiences the world diferently. Some people are very visual, some pay attention most to what they hear, and some have to touch and feel their world. NLP suggests that no one is totally one or the other, but everyone has a preferred representational style.

A minority of people are mostly experience their world through taste and smell. This is known as the gustatory representational style.

This script focusses most on taste and smell as well as more normal ways to induce trance.

Hypnosis Induction Script using taste and smell

using taste imagination to induce trance

The visualisation
  Take a deep breath now... and become aware of all the sensations you are getting in this room right now...    
  Close your eyes... and think about all the sounds and smells you are sensing.... think about the feel of your body on the seat... of the weight of your arms and legs...   Dissociation
  Become aware of how...with your eyes closed... relaxing... you could be anywhere... I  
  and allow your imagination to visualize a lush tropical forest somewhere... trees and vines ... the smell of damp earth and decay hanging in the air.... and coloured birds in the trees high above... and down below... deep in the jungle... V  
  - - - - -    
  - - - - - The rest of this script is in the Hypnosis Inductions eBook - - - - -    
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  and on the next gentle breath.... that scent takes you even deeper... more and more relaxed.... and you find your mind letting go.... wandering... wondering... becoming dreamy... and forgetting about those arms and legs... >  
  settling deeper and deeper... at ease now... relaxing more and more with each breath... drifting... down and down... calm and peaceful... warm and comfortable....    
  [either do a deepener, or carry on gently suggesting visualisations involving peace, calm, relaxation]