Weight Loss Hypnosis Script
Weight loss slimming script
Night Time
Weight Loss Script
Night Time
Weight Loss Script

Weight Loss Hypnosis Script

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Night Time Hypnosis weight Loss Script

A Hypnosis Script for problem eating

This is a short weight loss script that you can use for a bit of guerrilla hypnosis, like street hypnosis, only you do stealth hypnosis in bed, not in the street. You can use this script to help your partner stop over eating, snacking and eating the wrong foods. Use with your partner as you both go to sleep.

It is very simple hypnosis, but very effective. It uses direct suggestion just as your partner is drifting off to sleep. It implants the suggestion that they will stop bad eating immediately and no longer want to eat outside of mealtimes.

Weight Loss and Slimming Hypnosis Script


The Set up

  [You and your partner should be lying in bed, ready to go to sleep.]    
  [Start stroking your partner's back, gently drawing your fingers down the back from the shoulders and then continue the light touches until trance is achieved.] K Kinesthetic induction

Weight Loss Induction

  As you feel those little touches you can feel yourself settling down... settling deeper with each soft stroke... each stroke is relaxing you more and more... and as you relax... your breathing is getting more even... each breath out more and more relaxing... > stroking = going deeper
  and feel yourself settling down now... getting more comfortable... feeling warm and safe and cozy... and really relaxing, letting go now... K self induction
  focus on your breathing... each breath letting your muscles relax... your arms are relaxing... your legs are relaxing.... your whole body is relaxing now... K Muscle relaxation
  and allow that to continue as each stroke soothes and softens.... gently, softly, leading you deeper and deeper ...    
  [continue stroking until you hear their breathing slow down]    

Weight Loss Suggestions

  and as you are relaxing there... breathing softly... feeling the soft touch on your skin... you can notice something changing... something deep inside is altering how you feel...   Ambiguity
  and you can think about tomorrow... about what you will be doing tomorrow... V  
  and think about how and when you are eating tomorrow... V  
  - - - - -            - - - - -    
  The rest of this script is in the Key Hypnosis Scripts book.    
  - - - - -            - - - - -    


Capability and you can feel really good about that... feel good about yourself... and thinking about feeling good... about good eating... good living.... good health...    
  you can feel yourself going into a good sleep... a deep sleep... refreshing sleep... all night...    
Behavior until tomorrow.... when it is all different.... a new day and a new feeling... towards a new life.... Sleep well now....