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Weight Loss Motivation Checklist

How to lose weight with hypnosis

Hypnotherapy weight loss must identify beliefs about eating and weight loss. This checklist of questions is used to remind the therapist to cover every relevant aspect to reveal why, when and how the client eats.

Weight loss therapy needs to pay special attention to the environment in which the over-eater grew up, and what was happening in their life when the problem eating pattern started. Successful weight loss therapy usually succeeds when it removes or reframes the beliefs and attitudes arising from this time.

Using the Weight Loss Motivation Checklist may also identify resources the client already has that not being used. These questions provide a unique set of targets and resources to use during hypnosis. It is a good idea to send them to the client before you meet them. Tell them that they just have to read them over, they do not have to write out answers or anything. That way they have time to think about it for a few days and this will often bring to the surface ideas and feelings they have not thought about for years.


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