Stop Smoking with Hypnosis
Stop Smoking Hypnosis
Stop Smoking
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Stop Smoking
   Hypnosis Script

Stop Smoking Script

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Stop Smoking Script: hypnosis is a direct way to give up smoking. This style of Stop Smoking script uses Direct Suggestion, a style of hypnosis based on suggestion. Each suggestion is a direct command, telling the smoker how to behave, what to do, what to be. Direct Suggestion is very effective for stopping smoking.

This Stop Smoking Hypnosis Script is used after finding out why, when and where the client smokes. (See the Smoking Interview Questions sheet). The therapist notes the reasons for smoking and selects the matching section of the script. If weight gain is a worry then the section on not snacking is used, otherwise not.

Most smokers need convincing that they can stop, that there will be no cravings, that they can deal with stress without a cigarette.

The script deals with most other common issues.

There are sections for Self Control: Capability, Control, Aversion; for Behaviour: Smoking for Relaxation, Smoking for Socializing, Smoking as a Break; for Positive reasons: Health, Fitness, Weight, Appearance; and Replacement Behaviour: No Cravings, Rejecting tobacco. The final section covers parts therapy.



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