A relaxing hypnosis script: Guided relaxation for stress reduction
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   Relaxation Script

Stopping Snoring Hypnosis Script

A hypnosis script to let you sleep through someone else snoring.

Stopping Snoring Hypnosis Script

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Hypnosis Relaxation guided visualization

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Hypnosis Relaxation Script

A Guided relaxation visualization

This hypnosis relaxation script uses a hypnotic visualization of a relaxing vacation to a tropical island. Using this guided relaxation script you go into a luxurious state of self hypnosis relaxation. The hypnosis relaxation script guides you to the perfect place to relax and enjoy hypnotic suggestions of peace and calm and letting go of stress.

The hypnosis guided relaxation guides you on a hypnotic journey using healing metaphors for hypnotic relaxation. As you relax the hypnosis visualization guides your mind gently deeper and deeper until your worries wash away in the warm blue sea. By following the guided relaxation script you learn to stop racing thoughts, and empty your mind.

The first part is a relaxation induction, then the hypnotic metaphors work on removing stress and anxiety, and the final part of the hypnosis relaxation is used to teach self hypnosis relaxation. If you need a relaxing hypnosis experience then try this Hypnosis Relaxation Script. The Hypnosis Relaxation Script can be used for self hypnosis, guided relaxation and a gentle relaxation induction.


Hypnosis Relaxation Technique script

Guided Relaxation metaphor and visualization


hypnosis relaxation Induction
Memory I wonder if you can imagine lying on a soft cushion.... on a warm day.... with nothing to do.... maybe on vacation somewhere.... or in a favourite place.... V Dissociation
Memory or even in a warm bath in a hot steamy room.... V  
  and as you lie there.... relaxed, breathing gently in and out... nothing to think about... nothing to do.... just letting go... I Pacing
  you can close those eyes and imagine it if you want to imagine... arms and legs.... comfortable... floppy... your head supported... eyes closed....   Sensory
  eyes relaxing, face smoothing, muscles easing and softening.... a feeling, a heaviness in your arms and legs....   muscle relaxation
  as if they are sinking down into the cushion.... and then a feeling of floating.... held safely and securely... as if you were sinking down and down into a wonderful soft luxurious bed....    
  totally relaxed.... just letting go.... allowing your thoughts to drift away.... nothing to do... nothing to think about... just enjoying that relaxation...    
  and as you relax every breath relaxes you more.... as your mind drifts deeper... and you can enjoy that wonderful feeling of drifting down .... >  
hypnoTIC relaxation of racing thoughts
  And maybe you can imagine an island... far away... summer... warm... soft light.... gently breeze.... V  
  and there is the smell of the sea... and maybe a smell of spices and strange ingredients....   Smells
  or a feeling of being rocked gently.... as if you are on a boat.... tied near the shore....   Memory of rocking
  - - - - - - - - - - -    
  The full Relaxation Hypnosis script is in the Key Hypnosis Scripts Book    
  - - - - - - - - - - -    
  and you could choose an image from this session.... or a sound... or a particular feeling you enjoy... or you might call up something different to remind you...   Select the best anchor
  and when you bring that to mind.... you will recall this wonderful relaxed feeling... every time... your body will relax... your mind will relax... for as long as you want... a moment or a hour.... you can choose to slip into relaxation.... mind and body.... whenever you need to ... > Link the feeling
  all you need to do now is to choose... to drift away or gradually come come back... you can choose a gentle hypnosis relaxation, any time any where....   Options
  and that thought will stay with you whatever you do.... now.   Post Hypnotic suggestion