Hypnosis Induction Scripts

hypnosis induction scripts


Learn Hypnosis

Learn HypnosisLearn Self Hypnosis - Learn how to hypnotize yourself into trance anywhere, anytime. Learn self hypnosis and explore the hidden world of your own mind. Learn to teach self hypnosis and earn money.

Learn Hypnosis Suggestions - Learn how to write a hypnosis script that works, how to hypnotize with covert hypnotic words and phrases, how to put someone into trance by hypnotic suggestions. Learn hypnosis and change minds and lives with hypnotherapy.

Learn Hypnosis Techniques - Learn how to hypnotize with hypnotic relaxation techniques. Explore Past Life regression and hypnotic metaphor in therapy. Learn Milton Erickson and Dave Elman hypnosis induction techniques.


Metaphor Hypnosis

hypnotic metaphor scripts

Free hypnosis metaphor scripts. A guide to Metaphor Therapy and the use of metaphor in personal change. Free metaphors for change and healing. Metaphor transformation therapy is especially effective when combined with hypnotism. Metaphor Therapy techniques include Guided Visualization, Story Telling, Dragon Slaying, Visualization Engineering and Metaphor Engineering.


Hypnosis Induction Scripts

Hypnosis Induction ScriptsHypnotize Anybody! Free hypnosis induction scripts. Erickson handshake induction, Dave Elman Induction, rapid induction scripts, relaxation induction, How to hypnotize someone; instant induction scripts, deepeners. How to write a hypnosis induction script.



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Hypnosis ScriptsSomewhere in the world a hypnotist is using one of these scripts with a client right now. Is one near you?

Key Hypnosis Scripts Collections

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

stop smoking hypnosis scriptsStop Smoking is the No.1 Hypnotherapy problem. Get ready for your stop smoking clients - all types of smokers. Start making real money with smoking scripts that work. weight loss hypnosisWeight Loss Scripts to deal with any weight loss client. Includes Virtual Gastric Band script. Tested and ready for use. Millions of people want to lose weight with hypnosis.
Stop Smoking scripts Weight Loss Scripts

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View Weight Loss Collection

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Free hypnotherapy scripts

Free hypnosis induction scripts, free hypnotherapy scripts, hypnotic induction scripts, hypnosis screeds, self hypnosis scripts. Hypnosis scripts weight loss, stop smoking, scripts for anxiety, nail biting hypnosis script, confidence, sexual hypnosis, phobias, public speaking. Free hypnosis scripts for relaxation, self esteem, relationships, jealousy.

Classic Scripts

Smoking Regression hypnosis

Basic Stop Smoking Script

Stop Biting Nails hypnosis

Addiction Recovery Script

Weight Loss Motivation Script

NLP Fast Phobia Cure

Exam Test Anxiety Script

Fear of Flying Script

Fear of traveling script

Study Anxiety script

Change your Life

Do it now! Script

Relaxation Induction script

Breathing Exercises

Mindfulness Exercises

Stress Release

Chakra Balancing Meditation

Guided Visualization Exercises

Cruise Control

Guided Relaxation

Relaxation Induction script

Breathing Exercises

Mindfulness Exercises

Meaning of Life

Overcoming Adversity

Hypnotherapy scripts for
Letting go the past

Move on in Life

Store of Memories


Self Confidence Script

Ego Strengthening Script

Self Esteem Script

Self Hypnosis

Hypnotize Yourself

Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis Script

Focusing Script

Free hypnosis Induction Scripts

Free hypnosis induction scripts for every hypnotist

Dave Elman Induction

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Eye Fixation Induction

My Friend John Induction

Erickson Handshake Induction

Sensory Overload Induction

Reorientation from Trance

Hypnosis Susceptibility Test

Swinging Watch Induction

Metaphor Hypnotherapy

Hypnotic metaphor stories

Writing Hypnotic metaphors

Eating a lemon script

Clinical Hypnotherapy Collection

Clinical hypnosis scripts

Clinical Hypnosis Scripts.
A collection of outstanding hypnotherapy scripts for various forms of emotional trauma. Sections include, Change your life, Change the Past, Anxiety Scripts, Fears and Phobias, Paranormal scripts, Spiritual Healing, Self Development Scripts, Metaphors and many bonus scripts.

Inspect the Clinical Collection


Erotic Sex Hypnosis Scripts

erotic hypnosis sex scripts Scripts for erotic hypnosis sex.
You get induction scripts to hypnotize your lover, sex,
erotic sexual play scripts and
therapeutic sexual therapy scripts.

View the Erotic Collection



Sleep Hypnosis Scripts

Hypnosis for Healing & Pain Relief

weight loss scriptsScripts for sleeping, not sleeping, snoring and lying awake with worry. Scripts to relax you and your clients. pain health hypnosisScripts for pain relief. Help your clients deal with chronic pain through hypnotic suggestions and visualizations.
Scripts to relax and sleep Pain Control and Healing scripts
View the Sleep Collection View the Healing Collection
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Hypnosis Trance Induction Scripts

hypnosis induction scripts A major collection of induction scripts to hypnotize anyone. Relaxation inductions, confusion, countdown, metaphor... all the hypnosis induction scripts you will ever need to put anyone into trance...

Inductions Collection



MP3 Hypnotherapy Downloads

hypnotherapy downloads Individual Hypnotherapy MP3 Recordings. Professional recordings to download to your home computer. Powerful hypnotic therapy for emotional change and healing.

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Key hypnosis scripts are unique

Key Hypnosis hypnotherapy scripts are the only hypnosis scripts to have comments on nearly every line explaining how the script is designed, showing what hypnosis techniques are being used, and why these hypnotic suggestions work. These hypno-therapy scripts have all been tested in clinical sessions.

Hypnosis scripts that work.


The best hypnotherapy scripts on the Internet - original, tested, effective hypnosis scripts written by Dave Mason PhD.

Self Help Scripts

Learn Hypnosis

Change your life with these powerful techniques.

Goal Setting

A guide to self development techniques: setting goals, avoiding limiting thinking, creating your own future life.


Hundreds of personal affirmation quotes: Confidence, Success, Faith, Sales, plus free Tarot affirmations.

Visualization Techniques

Learn how to Visualize. Sports visualizations, creative visualization, Chakra visualization.


Individual scripts can be used free by anyone provided they are for personal non commercial use. To use them commercially see the Terms of Use


There are more hypnotherapy scripts, hypnosis, metaphor and visualization scripts for smoking, confidence, sexual performance anxiety, nail biting, eating, weight loss, anxiety, worry, phobias, self hypnosis and stress listed on the Site Map.