How a script for flying phobia works...
Fear of Flying
Fear of Flying

Hypnosis Script for Fear of Flying

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Fear of Flying

Hypnosis script for Fear of Flying. Fear of Flying responds well to hypnosis. Some people are terrified of flying even though they have never flown. Other people start out as OK travelers but who become more and more afraid of flying as they continue to have to fly. This script is for that type of fear of flying.


The client was a woman in her thirties who had been flying on commercial flights for many years. She was required to travel for work purposes, and typically flew several times a month. Her first experience of flight was wonderful, flying to Victoria Island as part of university studies. Her particular worry trigger was looking at the sky and imagining bad weather on the day of flying and the noise of takeoff and landing. There is a lot imagery about animals and fields because the client grew up on a farm.




You can allow yourself to Relax

  OK. What I would like you to do is... sit as you are now... and just close your eyes.... Now take a deep breath... take a really deep breath and hold it... and then let it go.... that's great.   Relaxation Induction
  Take another deep breath and hold it... and this time before you let it go.... really let go of all the tension in your shoulders and in your face and your eyes... just breath it out... that's right....    
  Now take another deep breath... in your own time and this time really let yourself relax.... let your self go...   Pacing breathing
  That's excellent, you're doing very well ....  and now just allow your breathing to go back to normal...    
  And you can become aware of the chair under you... as you are sitting there... breathing gently... supported by the chair... and you are probably wondering whether you are going into trance quickly or slowly or what it will feel like....and that's good... because that's the right thing to do... and you don't have to think about anything... you can just think to yourself in that chair there... and you begin to wonder what it would be like to just sink into that chair... to be really so relaxed and so comfortable...   Dissociation
  And you feel yourself going down and down into that chair... D Sensory Distortion
  and with each breath out... you can say to yourself... quietly... 'deeper and deeper... deeper and deeper... more and more relaxed'....   Self talk induction
  and every gentle breath out just leaves you more and more relaxed... that's right... you can move if you want to... to just make yourself comfortable...   pacing movement
  Just allow that feeling of relaxation to go all the way through your body... that's right... that little tremble in your eye is just telling you that you are going into trance now .... exactly as it should be...   Trance achieved in 3m 15s.



You can relax more deeply STILL

  And I wonder if you can imagine a big old house somewhere?.....   Dissociation
  maybe it's out in the country... or in town... and a house with a big garden and trees.... and there could be a swing on the tree... and a veranda... and it's got windows and door and its an old house ... a house where there have been lots of things happening... where there have been weddings and funerals and happy people sitting around a table having a meal... and people going off on journeys... and people studying.... the kind of house that generations of people have grown up in...   Connect to childhood memories
  And inside that house you can find yourself at the top of some stairs... and you could look down those stairs... and there is a handrail... and those stairs could be carpeted or wooden.... anything you want... and looking down... at the bottom of those stairs there is a door... and you can go down those stairs... you can down them gently and each step... will take you deeper and deeper .... more comfortable.... more relaxed.... and so going down those stairs now... Ten deeper and deeper.... and Nine... deeper and deeper ... and Seven... and Six and Four and Three and Two deeply relaxed... and One.... and right at the bottom is a Zero. And in your mind you can go through that zero... into a warm velvety darkness... feeling safe and secure.... and through that you are standing in front of that door.... and you feel very comfortable...   Staircase Deepener
  What colour is that door?   Depth Check
  It's a white door....that's right    
  And behind that door... there's a new day... and adventure for you.... and you can go through that door in your mind... knowing that there is something absolutely wonderful for you... you want to go through and have a perfect day through that door... D  
  And can you go through that door?   Safety check



You are a success

  So I'd like you to open that door now... and as you open it you find bright sunshine... and there's a big meadow... and there are flowers in the meadow... and there's a horse further over... and there's a couple of horses there... It's a great big paddock,... and it's got fences round it... and water troughs... and a track going through it... and over to one side there's a ... kinda hill thing... and you go over there and you lie down in the grass... and maybe you can feel the wind blowing across you... smell the fresh cut grass.... and the little flowers... and you can feel the earth against your back...and the sun on your face.... and you get a wonderful feeling of peace and relaxation... and maybe you can hear the horses whinnying further over... and other animals... it's just a perfect place... on a perfect day...   Safe Place
Memory And it makes you feel to so good to be there.. and it reminds you maybe of days from your childhood... perfect days.... long ago.... and it's really nice to know you have that place in your mind always... where you can be anything you want to be... and you can dream anything you want to dream....   remind of happy past
  and you know you have the whole future ahead of you ... a future of success and prosperity and happiness. And there will be houses... maybe children.... and a lot of laughter... really good times....   Establish happy future
  and you can imagine yourself... sitting round a table with happy people... having a celebration...   Seed 'success'
Capability and you can imagine yourself going to work in a really flash car... going into a huge office building... the doorman  greeting you... respectfully.... "Morning, ma'am" ... getting in a lift and going to your office... huge office in the corner... with a view over the water... a stack of reports there from the Ministers.... asking your advice on this and that... and Personnel people coming in and asking you what to do... and you tell them... "Do this... and Do that" ... then you dismiss them all and sit behind your desk... and think about how good it is to be in charge of this whole corporation. And how much you own... and how many friends you have.. and how life can be so good....   Connect happy future to job future




  Take time and just enjoy that feeling now    
Capability And when you think of the key things you do to make that happen... and how easy it was to get there... and how everything just seemed to fall into place.   Looking back from the future
Behaviour That reminds you of how you solve problems... You once had a problem long ago... about travelling...  there was a time when you had a problem with travelling...   Dissociation
Memory  but that is all in the past now [clientname]... D  
Behaviour In your future you travel all round the world... and you travel to Paris and Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro and other exotic places...   Link to exotic destinations
Behaviour and you love travelling, you love going to new places, doing new things, seeing new people... D  
Capability And you love getting on a plane... and taking off and doing these things.... because you learned how to do this D
Future Rehearsal





Cycle REFRAME: Remember what flying means

Memory And you can think back to the time ... when you worked in [Company Name] and you were doing a lot of flying... just like now...    
Memory And you had the perfect flying day.... and you remember how it was ... and an issue came up ... someplace.... could have been North Island or South Island.... you had to go there ... and you were the only person who knew how to fix it.... and that issue came up and your secretary came in and   said..."You've got to go to....." the place... And you said "Oh, great!... there are really good people there". And you began to look forward to seeing the people.... and having your meetings and your field trips... and a chance to get out of the office....     
Stage 1: Notified to fly
Stimulus And every time an issue comes up the first thing that comes into your mind is that this is another wonderful opportunity  for you to get out of the office and go and do what you really get paid to do ... make a difference for NZ's biosecurity... make a difference for the agricultural sector... I Reframing
Capability Using your intelligence and your ability and your training... to go out there and meet people.... change things....     
Behaviour That's the feeling you get whenever an issue comes up... a chance to get out of the office.... and to indulge your love of travelling D Sensory anchor
Stimulus And so when the secretary says "Yes, I've made a booking for you" inside you, something changes... there's a little feeling you get of "Yes!!!" "This is it". "Another one, I love travelling". "This is so good!" D Sensory anchor
Stimulus And I wonder what part of that feeling you enjoy most? I Supposition TDS
Memory It just makes you feel so good... reminding you of all the things you love about that part of your job.... D  
Behaviour And you carry that feeling around with you... for the whole of that day and the next day... and however long it takes.... until you are ready to go on that flight. D  
Stage 2: See the ticket
Behaviour And you get your ticket and you look at it and you go "Yes!!!". Just seeing the ticket makes you feel so good... the anticipation gives you a tingle... and you can feel a little tingle in you now.... just thinking about it... D Sensory
  And you are looking forward to the flight... because you know that that flight means that you are getting out there to make a difference. >  
  And the flight is just.... something in the way...    
Stage 3: Morning of the flight day
Behaviour And so... on the morning of the flight you waken up and the first thing that happens is ... even before you open your eyes... is you look forward to meeting those people... getting out there in the paddocks...and walking around and seeing the animals and the plants....    
Memory And you think of the time... of that first flight you ever took .... how excited you were.... and something of that same feeling comes in .... on every flight now... D  
Behaviour Every morning... just before you wake up... you wake up with a smile on your face... from ear to ear... thinking "Yeah! I get a plane today... I am going out of the office... I love travelling. D  
Behaviour And so you open your eyes ... and you get up.... and you do whatever you normally do... and you are walking around thinking "How soon can I get to the airport?... this is really good... " and you get that familiar tingle.... right down in your stomach... and it's anticipation... that's what it is... it's this feeling of excitement... you love going to the airport... you love the whole business... of packing... and putting your stuff together and running around trying to locate your keys and whatever... seeing if you have got the right files and all this sort of stuff... that's excitement... that's what you love doing. D Sensory Distortion / Reframe
Capability That's what carries you through the whole morning, you feel really great about that D  
Stage 4: Leaving for the airport
Behaviour And as you go out.... you just glance at the sky and you think... "Hell, it doesn't matter what it's like... I'm not flying the plane..." D  
Memory And you can forget everything about weather   Amnesia
  because you know that no plane would ever take off... unless the pilot knew it was actually safe... >  
Rule and so you put your faith in the pilot... that pilot is getting paid twice what you are getting paid... there's no way he is going to give up a good job by flying into a mountain.... And he's not allowed to take off unless the weather is absolutely spot on... D  
  And we live in Wellington... there's a lot of wind....   Truism
RULE know, pilots actually like the wind... because it gives them something to fly against... the wind gives them power and strength ... and the planes we have are the best in the world...    
Behaviour Every time you see a plane you know that it has been tested and tested and tested....   Reframe
Rule and just looking at a plane makes you feel good.... because you know there are so many things about that plane... that you don't know... how it works, but you don't have to... what you do know is that that plane will take any kind of weather that this country has... D
Behaviour And so... you just forget about the weather.... you can forget to check... you don't even bother looking...   Amnesia
Behaviour All you do is... you get out your house.... you look at the sky and you think "Yes, there is a sky... so I'm flying today... and that little tingle comes back...that anticipation... you can feel it going right down to your toes... That tingly little thing that you get... you feel like almost bouncing on your toes... "Yeah! Getting ready to go!".   Reframe
Stage 5: Arriving at the airport
Identity Then you get to the airport... and you like airports... you get there and there's shopping.... and there's things to do... D  
Behaviour And when you get to the airport... one thing you always do.. is you look at the other passengers, if you are not with someone... and you try to spot the passenger who looks nervous ... because that's your main function in the airport... is to look around and find someone that you can go and talk to .... and just reassure them... D  
Behaviour And maybe you can take a moment now and just imagine yourself going up to another person... imagine what you would say... what would really work for them... hear the words you would repeat to them...   Visualisation
Stage 6: Sitting in the aircraft
Capability And your main function is to make sure the person you sit beside feels really comfortable... and so you watch them... and you look for the little signs that they might be uncomfortable... and you make conversation... and you know, you don't have to be a genius to make conversation... you just look at them and say "that's nice watch you have on" or 'where did you get that brooch' or "Did you have trouble getting to the airport?".    
Behaviour And you just engage them in conversation and you make sure they can stay calm and collected... and that's your function... you are going to look after these people... They don't know that...and you don't have to tell them.... but it gives you something that makes you feel really comfortable... because all the flying you've done...and all your experience gives you the assure them... that "I've been in things like this" And when they look nervous at the noise...of this thing or that thing... .... you say "Don't worry about it ... these are really strong planes.."    
Stimulus And so sitting there... before that plane takes off.... you just exude confidence... and other people pick up that confidence...and you can imagine them now...   Visualisation
Memory You are sitting there... in an aircraft seat... and you are just radiating confidence... and all these other people are looking at you and you see them thinking "My, she looks happy". And they smile and you smile.... and you smile back at them and the more you do the better you feel.... and just getting into that seat makes you feel good.... because you know that you are talking to these people and you are making them feel comfortable and  everyone is looking at you are the experienced traveller... and they are all really pleased to have you on that plane... D
Behaviour And everything about that aircraft is familiar.... the small aeroplanes and big ones and the middling ones.... They all make you feel safe and secure... they also make you feel something else... [clientname] D  
Stage 7: Preparing for takeoff
Identity When that aircraft shuts the doors... and the captain says 'we are about to take off" you get another feeling... you get a feeling... it's almost a feeling of power...   Anchoring / Sensory Distortion
Capability because as that plane lines up and you can begin to hear the engines rev up... the captain pouring power into those engines and you can feel that power in yourself... D Metaphor: engines = personal power
  you can feel a rising excitement as that plane begins to rev up its engines it begins to shake and its held by the brakes like a wild animal on  a leash... and the brakes are let off it begins to roar along the tarmac... and you think "Yes! this is where I go" and you feel that power in you ... D Metaphor
Capability you feel as if you could flap your wings and make it take off just by force of will and that feeling mixes in the feeling of what you are going to do in that meeting... what you are going to do when you get there you are filled with power you can deal with anything.... D  
Identity And every time you get in the plane that same power of getting up there makes you feel so good so strong so big you are just filled with the same shaking power that is in there... and it's such a buzz to get in a plane and take off... D  
Stage 8: During the flight
  And in fact you are a bit sad when it finally you feel the wheels bump up and you think "Yes! now we are on our way..." D Reframing
  And it takes a little while for that whole feeling of power to begin to settle down again. And as it does you cast your mind over what you are going to do when you get there...    
Identity And every time that plane levels off from its climb your mind goes back to Victoria Island. When you had a wonderful time... days and days and days looking after those birds... and that feeling of pleasure and bliss and comfort... the feeling that you are doing something really important... and flying is part of that .... and flying is part of you. And you can take that feeling .... of pleasure... of anticipation... of power.... and every time you see an aircraft or think of an aircraft ... that feeling swells up in you... it comes, I don't know...from your toes from your fingers right up into the centre of your body... and you begin to breath stronger and you feel it in your face and you feel your heart pounding and you think 'Great! I love this....This is what I do .... flying is what lets me get these good things"   Reframing
  And everything else is irrelevant... because flying is what takes you to places like Victoria Island.... and Dunedin... and Queenstown and all these other great places you go to.... D
  Every time you think about a plane you think about the people you meet.... and how you get on with them... how you get out there and you do the field trips and you get in those little jeeps and you roar through the forest and you are talking to people about their problems and you are helping them and it's such a buzz to do that, isn't it?   Reframe
  As you fly along... sure sometimes there's bumps and stuff but you are an experienced traveller... D  
RULE you know that these bumps are just an indication the flight crew are doing their job... that they are awake and alert.... and those bumps are just an indication that you are getting to your destination... in fact the more bumps there are the faster you get there....and that's a good thing to know... D Reframe
Behaviour And even they make you feel good because that reminds you too... of why you do this job... of why you are travelling .... and how you are getting closer and closer to that meeting... to those people... and in fact as the plane begins to glide down... once again you begin to think of all things you are going to do... and you are so busy going through in your mind of how exactly you are going to deal with this ... and who you are going to see and remembering if you have met the people before what their names is and what their families are and what you talked about last time and how they get on with each other and why you are there and all the details of the case and the problem just go through your mind...    
  and time passes in an instant....   Time DIstortion
Stage 9: Preparing for landing
Behaviour And all the other things that happen are really irrelevant to you... all you know is that you are gliding smoothly and safely down ... and you don't have to fly the plane.... you can just let it go.... leave it to someone else.... D  
  As far as you are concerned the wings are flapping.... its just coming down like a great big albatross.... swooping gently under complete control...    
  And as it goes down again you feel that rush of power those engines begin to back up and you can feel the ground coming up and you can feel the power, that encapsulated power of the plane, power that is there... and the pilot's skill .. and how wonderful this technology is that you can be part of ... and this technology is just whizzing you along to allow you to get your job done...   Reframing
  As it goes down you can picture the ground rushing up and know that you have all this power under control... that this controlled power is what you are after...   Reframe
Stage 10: Landing
Behaviour And then the wheels gently touch down and maybe a bounce and that gives you a laugh... you always like that bit...and it bounces up and you think..."Wheee.... a little jump..."    
Behaviour and everyone else is looking a bit worried but you are just exhilarated.... exuding confidence .... because you know how this works.... and that little bump is good... bump bump bump and suddenly you're down and then the nose wheel goes down... >  
  and you are trundling along there is a lot of noise and engine goes backwards and there's all this feeling that you are part of this entire technological miracle that this power is there just for you.   Reframe




Behaviour And it reminds you of your power... and how much you love flying... now the whole business is easy from end to end you sit there and feel great and talk to people....just put people at their ease...    
Capability And how it is that things that bother other people... you just forget about them... you don't even notice.... Those little creaks and stuff that people think about...   Discrimination
Memory you don't think about them, they're gone... they are of no interest to you...   Discrimination
  Every time you think of an aircraft you think of the fun you have.... the anticipation... the Victoria Island moments... and you feel really good about it... > Reframing: flying = fun
Capability And you know, you actually secretly look forward to those issues coming up... so that you can really enjoy that feeling again... and you go through the whole cycle of the anticipation... of that tingle... getting ready to go out and then just before you waken up... again that whole feeling comes up... of how good it makes you feel to travel... and all the good things that are happening to you... and all the things that your future holds... > Sensory distortion
Behaviour And you get outside and there's that quick glance at the weather... and 'who gives a shit!' - "I'm getting on that plane!". And you get in there and you are looking around for people to help and if there isn't any that's OK and if you are with company then you just deal with them... >  
  And you get on the plane and you put that seat belt on and you snap it together and you get ready for that surge of power... You get ready for when that plane... the bit you love... is when the plane gets to the end of the runway... and the wheels are down and engines begin to roar and rumble and the whole plane shakes and you are waiting for the brakes to come off and there's that rush, that surge that takes you through that lifts you into the air that thing throws itself into the air and you get such a buzz out of   that power you have really experiencing that... and then it goes off again...  D reframe: engine power = personal power
  And you use the time to talk to the people around and share your experience as a mighty traveller... all the things you've done and been... and putting them all at their ease and then the glide comes down again like that giant albatross... all that power under your control... and you are just gliding in like a great bird ready to land anywhere you want... knowing that you are going to have a great day, that you are going to make a difference, this is how you do your job.    
  Flying is part of it, and you love that part, you love the travelling. D  
  And you never know, on that glide path you are thinking 'what will be the magical thing about today? There's always a magical part of every trip, isn't there? It might a joke somebody tells you, it might be just where you go, it might me be a new organism.... who knows?    
Behaviour That's what fills your mind as you glide down there... D  
  And then again just as you are getting down there is that whole feeling of control and power... and then there's the bump and a little laugh as it bounces and another flight is done.... and really you can't wait to get on the next one because it makes you so good.    
Identity You love flying. It's such a buzz. D  
  God, you should have to pay people to let you do that! That is just so good. D Reframe




Behaviour And when you get back to the office, there's all your colleagues... and you're looking radiant   Future proofing
Identity "Yeah, it was a great flight. I loved it. I love flying". D  
  And they just nudge each other and smile and say "Yeah, there's no way we can put her off any more. She absolutely adores this". I [List client specific beliefs]
  And see their smiles and the confidence in them. And that's really what you build your career on... Really impressing people like that. Radiating that confidence that comes out. That power you have, that power you can remind yourself of.... and you know, when you get into the office that power stays with you.     
Identity When you sit down at your desk that power radiates, when you talk to people that power is obvious... and you can see a real respect in their eyes coming... the way they talk to you... the way the people you give orders to think it's just right    
  And how the people above you are looking.... real carefully... thinking this girl is going places.... she has that power... that thing that makes her different....    
  And every field trip... you come back with new knowledge... new abilities... new contacts and you work those contacts constantly.... and your power grows and grows and you are in control....    
  And you can look at your job as being a mixture of fieldwork and office work and the bits in between to get there    
Identity and you can love every bit of it... you love that job.... you love those trips.... D  




  Just thinking about a trip now, you can feel that passion coming into you ... D Sensory
  you can feel that tingle growing up from your toes and your fingers and swelling inside your stomach and your chest and you can really buzz and the laugh and the fun you are going to have! and how good it is to be in that plane! D Sensory
  And think about sitting there, and you snap your seat belt and there comes that surge of power! and it is so good! It's better than sex.... this is wonderful... and you ... you get this stuff for free!!!   Reframe
  And that's what you think about when you think about an aircraft.  D Reframe
Behaviour You look forward to those trips [clientname]. D  
  They are the most fabulous thing you ever had D  
  Because they are what's going to take you ... not just to the destination ... you are flying into your future... you are flying into a bright wide future... that includes lots of travel... that makes you even more experienced >  
  And you will be travelling for fun and for work and you will be travelling around whenever you want... anywhere you want... D  
  On every flight there's that secret that only you know.... >  
  that you get such strength from it ... D  
  and everyone else thinks... 'how does she get her confidence?' ... but you know ... and they don't. >  



You have changed forever

  Now with that wonderful feeling of strength.... and confidence... you can find yourself back in that meadow.. lying there amongst the fresh grasses.... listening to the horses whinnying and clopping around ...maybe horse comes up and snuffles up against you and.... feel it nuzzling your face... and you can feel the whish of their tails as they stand around and look at you....    Multiple modalities
  and that makes you feel really good... D  
Capability and all of it reminds you that something has changed ... something has changed immensely... you've learned a lot in that field ... you've learned a new way of thinking ... a new attitude... a new secret... that you can take with you and use anywhere   Supposition
  And you know that tomorrow morning... things will be different.... D  
Behaviour and I don't know what it is that you will find that is different, but you will notice... some little thing ... will just remind you ... and as soon as that reminds you ... that surge will come in you... that eagerness to get away and get on the plane.... you are almost running to get there ... that's a great feeling... isn't it? D Sensory Distortion
memory So I would just like you to run through in your mind again... a perfect day.... where just before you wake up in the morning you have that feeling and then you get up and you do your stuff ... and outside you just glance at the sky and you forget the rest .. you make your way to the airport ... you get on the plane and buckle in.... and just go through in your mind now, the whole sequence....    visualisation
  of getting up... and going to the airport... and the take off... and the gliding and the albatross and the landing .... and then a really great day like Victoria Island was.... someplace you've never been... really neat people... interesting problems and a good solution... and getting taken back to the airport in the evening ...    
  looking forward to another flight... D  
  and getting back to Wellington... and going home... to your husband.... and he says 'How was it, hon?'    
Capability And you say 'It was fabulous, the best flight I ever had!'. 'I had a great day'. D  
  And inside... you know that every day is going to be a great day... D  
Identity Every day you fly is a fabulous day. That gives you such a buzz. D  



You will remember all these changes

  And now... just feeling that really good feeling about yourself... and knowing its changed... and just allowing those horses to move quietly back away towards the fences.... and you find yourself in that field and the sun is going down and it's getting a little bit chilly  ... getting near sunset.... and you are lying there feeling really good and knowing something amazing has happened ... and how much you enjoyed it... and you begin to feel feeling coming back into your arms and into your legs.... and your fingers begin to twitch and move.... and your feet shuffle... and you take a deep breath and get ready to open your eyes and feeling really good and maybe have a stretch.. D  
  And then you count to yourself... THREE-TWO-ONE and you OPEN YOUR EYES and feeling really good...    
  Mmmm.... yeah.... [laughs] I feel so relaxed.    
  [hears a plane going overhead] It's funny... in hypnosis I heard the plane before that and I thought "I wonder if I can get on that one!"    
  You have completely changed yourself..... and when you get on that plane it will all come flooding back ... and it will grow and grow and grow until they will have to hold you back....   Post Hypnotic suggestion
Behaviour [Laughs] Oh, that's great. I'm looking forward to the flight tomorrow.