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What is a Hypnosis Script?

hypnosis scripts

Hypnotherapy is the art of using words to put images and ideas into someone else's mind so that they will be able to change their behavior in some way. A hypnosis script is a pre-designed form of words that ensures that the right images and suggestions are generated to produce a particular effect.

Why use a script?

By using a script you are ensuring that the session follows a planned sequence and it is more likely that the therapy will be Using scriptseffective. Hypnosis sessions have to be carefully constructed. Every word in a script has to be there for a reason, has to contribute to the therapy. Just saying whatever comes into your head and hoping for the best isn't good enough. Hypnosis is an art, but it is an art based on science.

Using a Key Hypnosis script means that you can be sure that every word is making a contribution to the hypnotherapy and that specific areas of the mind are being accurately targeted. That way the clinical effect is strengthened.

Why Key Hypnosis Scripts?

Key hypnosis scripts are unique: they actually work.

Key Hypnosis scripts are the only hypnosis scripts to have comments on nearly every line explaining the logic, showing what hypnosis technique is being used, and what the suggestions are doing to the subconscious mind. Using this style means that as you progress and practice you become aware of how and why each part works, and how each line contributes to the overall effect. You get everything complete from induction to reorientation. You can use them exactly as they are, or adapt them to your own style.

Key hypnosis scripts are better: they work the way the mind works.

Key hypnosis ScriptsMany of the scripts on the Internet are old and based on primitive not-very-good methods of direct suggestion. They basically just say over and over that the listener is now becoming the thing they want to be. That is actually a poor technique. Before your mind will accept a suggestion it has be given a reason why, it has to visualize the results, it has to be convinced that you can and will change. Key hypnosis scripts exploit the logic of the unconscious mind.

Key hypnosis scripts are original: created for a specific problem.

Original ScriptsMany of the hypnosis scripts offered on the internet are in fact recycled. The seller gets a script for say, scratching. They then replace the word 'scratching' with the word 'sneezing' and they have a 'new' sneezing script to sell. Then someone asks if they have anything for blushing: sure - they just replace the word sneezing with blushing. And so on. That's how they are able to list hundreds of scripts and can offer a script for anything you can think of.

Key Hypnosis scripts are written to solve a specific problem and focuses on finding the best way to fix that problem. The metaphors are fresh and lively, the wording is specific, and it delivers exactly what it says it does.

Check the quality: satisfy it for yourself.

Check out the quality for yourself. This site has dozens of free hypnosis scripts that show how a good script should be written. Unlike other sellers you know in advance the principles of how these scripts are written and why they are successful. You can see from the rest of this site what scientific principles are being applied and how the right technique is selected for each issue. No other site dares to explain their offerings. I leave you to think about why that might be.


Dave Mason PhD

Hypnosis ScriptsMore than a 1000 professional hypnotherapists already use these scripts. Somewhere in the world a hypnotist is using one in a session right now. Is one near you?

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking Scripts

Ten stop smoking scripts to stop smoking forever. With these scripts there is no will power needed, no weight gain, just results. Includes Direct Suggestion, smoking Aversion, Regression, NLP anchoring and metaphors to prevent relapse. Plus checklists for smokers, and guides to doing clinical hypnosis.

Smoking Hypnosis Scripts


Weight Loss

Hypnosis Weight Loss Scripts

Hypnosis scripts to shed the pounds. Many different approaches to weight loss: Stop Eating Chocolate, Relax and Slim, Change how you eat, NLP Six Step Reframe and many more ways to eliminate the stress that causes over eating.

Includes the Hypnotic Gastric Band script.

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Pain Management

Hypnosis Pain Scripts

Hypnosis for health, healing and pain management. This collection covers all the main forms of hypnotic natural pain relief. Special methods to use with children and for people to learn to manage their own pain. Uses the power of mind over matter.

View the Scripts

Sleep and Relaxation

hypnosis sleep scripts

Hypnosis is the best way to relax. For people who find it difficult to get to sleep self hypnosis and relaxation training are excellent. These scripts are for sleeping, not sleeping, snoring, teeth grinding and more. Get a good night's sleep without pills, or restless nights, and wake up refreshed.

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Sexual Health

Sexual Health Scripts

Improve things in the bedroom. Help unhappy couples get active again sexually. Hypnosis has a good record of success for both men and women. This collection includes sexual counseling for gender issues and b0nus items including an MP3 track.

Sexual Health $19.95

Paranormal PLR

Paranormal Scripts Collection

Hypnosis has a special relationship with the unseen world. This collection explores the mystic side of the subject: Past lives, alien abduction, finding lost objects, getting in touch with your Totem animal. Or try an out of the body experience and feel the cosmic consciousness. There are no limits when hypnosis is combined with spirituality.

Paranormal PLR Hypnosis

Special Offers

special offers on scripts

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Induction Scripts

Hypnosis Induction Scripts More than seventy different ways to hypnotize people. Includes relaxation inductions, confusion, countdown, Erickson, instant, rapid, stealth, Dave Elman... A powerful collection of hypnotic inductions... all the hypnosis inductions you will ever need... put anyone into trance...

Hypnotic Inductions



Clinical Hypnotherapy

clinical hypnosis induction scripts Clinical Hypnosis.
A collection of 67 clinical hypnotherapy scripts for dealing with emotional problems. Sections include Change your life, Change the Past, Anxiety Scripts, Fears and Phobias, Paranormal scripts, Spiritual Healing, Self Development Scripts, Metaphors plus bonus scripts.

Clinical Hypnosis

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"As a hypnotherapist myself, I know that weight-losss and smoking cessation have been the most difficult areas to get long-term results. Maybe the problem has been the rather outdated scrips I'm using. I found your smoking aversion script extremely powerful! I read through some other free scripts online but none are even close to as powerful as this one. - Machell USA. "


Erotic Sex Hypnosis

erotic hypnosis sex scripts Scripts for erotic hypnosis sex.
You get induction scripts to hypnotize your lover, sex,
erotic sexual play scripts and
therapeutic sexual therapy scripts.

Includes the Sexual Health Hypnosis Collection.

Erotic Hypnosis



MP3 Hypnotherapy Downloads

MP3 downloads Hypnotherapy MP3 Recordings. Download to your home computer. Powerful hypnotic MP3s at a fraction of the cost of having to go to a clinic. Private and completely confidential.




What makes Key Hypnosis scripts so effective?

Script ScienceHypnosis Scripts are effective when every statement is precisely aimed. Good scripts are built on good psychology. Every Key Hypnosis script shows exactly how it works. Almost every line has comments showing why that line is there, what it is doing, and what part of the mind it is aimed at. No other scripts do this.



Key Hypnosis:

  • Shows you line by line how they work
  • Are based on the latest scientific techniques
  • Fast and effective
  • Tested in real hypnotherapy sessions
  • Refined over years of experience
  • Great value

All hypnotherapy consists of suggestions intended to change behavior. Every person holds beliefs about who they are, what they are and the world they live in. Everyone has automatic behaviors that they use without thinking in specific situations. It is when these inner beliefs and automatic habits no longer fit the outer world that problems arise. Therefore every hypnotic suggestion needs to be aimed at a specific aspect of the inner beliefs or at one specific aspect of unconscious behavior.

If the hypnotist cannot say exactly what each word is intended to do,and how it does it, then they do not understand what they are doing and might as well just read poetry to the person in the chair.

Hypnotic suggestions will only work when they are

a) targeted precisely at one belief or behavior, and

b) use a technique that matches how the mind functions.

Hypnotic suggestions that do not do both these things at the same time will be ignored or misunderstood.

Structure of a suggestion

To create an effective suggestion, the therapist needs to decide

a) what behavior is causing the problem,

b) what belief is linked to the behavior,

c) what hypnotic technique to use to cause the change, and

d) how to word the suggestion - Direct, Indirect, Metaphor.

Key Hypnosis Scripts follow a precise way of showing how each line works.

Each line is laid out in four columns.

Target      Suggestion      Logic Comment
 Capability  Because you have the right and the ability and the permission to change those things... >     Cover all

The Target column identifies the target belief to be changed, or the part of the behavior cycle that is being addressed.

The Suggestion column holds the wording of the suggestion, what is actually said to the client. Sometimes the suggestion signals which part of the wording is making the change, in some suggestions it should be obvious and is not shown specifically.

The Logic column has a shorthand code to show what modality (the representation system: visual, auditory or muscular) is being aimed at, or the hypnotic logic that is being used.


Column Codes

A Auditory reaction encouraging an auditory recall
D Direct Suggestion Explicit instruction
I Indirect Suggestion Implied instruction
K Kinesthetic reaction aiming at a muscular memory reaction
M Metaphor reaction using a metaphor to engage indirect associations
V Visualization reaction encouraging the client to experience an image
/ Opposite The more of one thing the less of the other thing
= Equivalence Doing one thing is the same as another thing
> Cause and Effect Doing one thing causes the other thing


The fourth column has comments further explaining what is going on: perhaps several lines are developing a response; or building up a particular hypnotic effect. The comments column makes it clear.

Hypnosis should be easy.

By understanding these guides you should be able to follow the logic of clinical hypnosis.

Key hypnosis scripts special featuresOnce you understand the logic of how the words or technique works you can then use that as the basis for creating your own original wording and ideas.

Each one is divided into stand-alone sections so that you can mix and match sections from different parts and cut and paste them to create new clinical scripts for yourself.

This means that you should examine everything in the collection to find bits that you can adapt when designing a treatment for a particular person's problem. A few scripts are based on a basic hypnotic pattern using different active parts for different target problems.

Most are ready to use exactly as they are. Some are edited transcripts of hypnotherapy sessions and show how to go about dealing with a type of problem in general, rather than being intended to be given word for word. Everyone who comes to your office is unique and therefore you should study the transcripts to understand how to go about tackling the problem and then take sections and adapt these for your own use. Some items in the collections are not traditional hypnotherapy suggestions, but are given in the form of metaphor stories. These can be used on their own but are more usually woven into a regular hypnotherapy session to give the therapy a broader application.


Key Hypnosis collections are supplied in two different formats. One is in Word format, the other is in pdf format. They contain identical content. The Word version is designed to let you edit and change individual scripts to suit particular clients so that you can print out a personalized version of the script to use in your consultations. The pdf version is supplied so that you can easily search and view the scripts and you can't accidentally delete anything that y0u want to keep. It also has the advantage that you you can move it on to your ipad or other portable reader. Then you can refer to the text while the client is in trance, and not have to fiddle with sheets of paper that usually fall to the floor when you most need then.


Developing your own style

Scripts are a great way to learn hypnosis but they should always be treated as a source of ideas and techniques and not as the one way to do things. When you are learning it is OK to follow some scripts exactly to start with, but the words the writer uses are not your words, and your own words will always sound more natural. Using a one-size-fits-all approach based on scripts will only produce second best results. You should follow the structure, but adapt it to suit the person you are dealing with.

There are times when you can skip over sections, there are times when you only need a bit of the script or you want to mix in sections from other scripts. All of these are OK to do.

You should use a block outline technique to make sure that what you do follows a logical flow, but you can and should deviate from it. You have to do the induction, then a test, possibly a deepener, but after that you are free to use whatever seems best for this particular client. You will get useful feedback and ideas from them that you can weave into the session and start to develop your own hypnosis style.

Once you have a bit of experience you will learn to trust your instincts and you will know what the client needs and you will know the right metaphor to use, or a series of direct suggestions will seem to be just right, and you put them into your own words, referring to the script if you want to. Soon you will find yourself creating original and powerful words and images to suit that client exactly.


So study the scripts, and before your client comes in you can search through the collection for bits that might be useful, arrange them in a way that makes sense to you, and create a plan of how you are going to approach this client.


Whatever your need, Key Hypnosis Scripts will show you how to find the solution.



About Key Hypnosis Scripts

Key Hypnosis Scripts are the best you can get. To show our confidence in their quality and effectiveness we are willing to offer you a guarantee: if you think these are not the best scripts you have ever used, then we will give you your money back. Guaranteed.

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