how to hypnotize

How to hypnosis

Here is everything you need to become a hypnotist - Free!

Would you like to be able to influence and impress people? Think of all the places you could use hypnosis - in private or in a bar or at a party. People are always amazed when they see you hypnotize someone - it all seems so mysterious and supernatural.

Hypnotizing someone is actually easy. You can learn all you need to know after an hour or so's study of the instructions on this page.


Plus, there are eight free beginner's scripts, step by step guides to how to hypnotize someone. More sections explain the theory of hypnosis so you can learn how to hypnotize anyone.

How to hypnotize someone

To learn how to hypnotize someone you need to understand what the process of hypnosis is and follow a few essential steps.


Basic steps to hypnotize someone

1: tell the person to relax their muscles

This gets rid of tension in their body, and releases any anxiety.

2: tell them to think about their breathing

Controlling their breathing slows it down

3: direct them to focus their attention on something

Focusing their attention gets rid of any distracting thoughts.

4: suggest to them that while they are focusing, their body is getting more relaxed, that they are feeling tired

Now you are starting to pace and lead their behavior

5: suggest they now want to close their eyes

Suggestions of tiredness, heaviness, relaxation leads to obeying.

6: keep suggesting that they are relaxing more and more

This is called deepening into trance

7: tell them to try to open their eyes but they cannot open them

You test to ensure they are now hypnotized

8: then you are sure they are hypnotized...

Now they are in trance you can influence their thoughts and behavior.

9: ... so give whatever hypnotic suggestions you want to.

You can now make the suggestions you planned for them.

10: bring them out of hypnotic trance.


Follow this basic routine and even a beginner can hypnotize someone.


How to hypnotize someone into trance

You should get them to sit or lie somewhere comfortable, in a place that is quiet and free from interruptions. It does not need to be completely silent, but there should be no sudden loud noises. Talk quietly and slowly... pause where you see the three dots... like this... As you start the process of leading them into hypnosis you should watch them carefully, particularly their breathing. Towards the end of the session you should time each suggestion to their breathing, speak when they breathe out and wait until they breathe in again. Deliver it slowly. In hypnosis people look like they are asleep, but they are actually aware of what is going on as you hypnotize them, so give them plenty of time to act on your hypnotic suggestions.


Most people will go into hypnosis in less than two minutes if you go about it the right way. Hypnotic trance is actually very easy. You will know you have hypnotized someone when you see their eyelids flickering, head jerking slightly, fingers twitching or other involuntary physical signs of trance. The problem is that inside they may feel that they are fully aware of what is going on even though they actually are hypnotized. You must always convince the client so they are sure that they are hypnotized before going on.

The other thing is that once the client has their eyes closed and lying there motionless, it is hard for the hypnotist to know if you really have hypnotized someone, or they are just sitting there going along with it. You have to test - every time, every client. So you have to test the client is in trance in order to convince yourself as well.

Test for Hypnosis

The best test is eye paralysis (catalepsy). Getting eye catalepsy lets you know the client is responding to your hypnotic suggestions, and lets the client know that they actually are now hypnotized. If you do not get clear evidence of eye catalepsy then deepen and try again. If there is even the slightest doubt, do a finger lift. A finger lift is very difficult to fake. Never assume anything: always make sure you have hypnotized them. Use a deepener as many times as you want. The client is entitled to feel convinced that they actually are in trance. It is very disappointing to everyone when a client says afterwards "I don't think I was hypnotized at all. I didn't feel any different". If you get no response ask the client 'What are you experiencing now? Tell me how it seems to you' and let that guide you. Read the Progressive Relaxation script to learn how to use deepeners and to ensure that you know how to hypnotize someone.

Won't go into trance

If the person opens their eyes they clearly were not in trance, but this does not mean you have failed or they have failed. All it means is that you need to try a different induction method. Ask the client what was going on for them and how they felt and tell them that was really useful information and they are now ready for the second stage of hypnosis. Immediately switch to a different induction based on a different method. If the Elman Induction didn't get them, then maybe Confusion will. If not Confusion then try Breathing Induction. If that doesn't work try a relaxation induction. And so on – you can hypnotize anyone once you find the right hypnotic technique. If people say they can't be hypnotized, ask them if they have ever dreamed at night. Tell them that is what hypnosis is like and get on with a visual induction.

Remember, the most important part in any hypnotic induction is the hypnotist's total unshakeable confidence that it is about to happen. This gets communicated to the client non-verbally. As does any hesitancy or doubt. If you don't think the hypnotism will work, then that is what will happen and you won't be able to hypnotize anyone.


How to hypnotize someone script

Steps You say to the person...
Relax their muscles
  Settle yourself down now.... as you begin to relax....
remove any tension shrug your shoulders and let them go loose and limp... lift your arms slightly and then drop them down.... rotate your head... ease out any tension from your neck... your back.... tense your leg muscles and then let them go....
permission That's right.... and continue relaxing all those muscles
Control their breathing
begin the relaxation Now take a deep breath... and just let it out.... now another deep breath,.... and as you let it out... allow yourself to relax even more... and then one more breath.... and really let your yourself relax....
permission That's good.....
Focus attention
Suggestions breathing = relaxing now become aware of your breathing... of how your breath is moving gently in and out... as you settle down more deeply now.... become aware of ... how on every breath out ... you can relax a little more... and just tell yourself that with every gentle breath out... going deeper and deeper....
  and take a few moments now to relax even more... deeply... completely... and notice how that relaxation progresses... smoothly...
Close the eyelids
  ... and become aware that as you are thinking about going deeper and deeper you can become even more comfortable... and how nice it is to just close your eyes and drift away.... whenever you want to....
Visualization of drifting away
  ... and I wonder if you can imagine a quiet, peaceful spot... maybe on a warm afternoon.... to imagine lying comfortably... somewhere nice... somewhere you can really let go.... calm and peaceful... mind drifting away... imagine your arms and legs.... are beginning to feel tired and heavy... as heavy as lead.... to relax ... totally... to just let things go... and drift away....
Take them deeper
  ..and imagine being in a room somewhere,... and in that room there are stairs going down.... and you can go down those stairs... safe and secure .... warm and comfortable... carried gently down and down... more deeply relaxed... and with each step your body relaxes more.... and your mind relaxes more....
Countdown Induction and there are ten steps... and you can go down those steps now ... going deeper and deeper with every comfortable breath... 10.... 9 ... more and more relaxed.... 8 .... more comfortable.... 7.... and 6.... deeper and deeper.... and as you go down each step you are feeling more and more comfortable... 5..... and 4.... and 3... and by and by you are drifting off into an endless velvety welcoming dreamland...
Test for hypnosis
  ... and now focus your attention on your eyes... those eyes can become so relaxed, so tired that you just cannot open them, it is as if those eyes are glued tight shut.
  And I'd like you now to pretend that those eyes are so relaxed.... so tired... that you just cannot open them.... it is as if those eyes are glued tight shut.... and they just won't work....
  And when you are sure that have relaxed them to the point where you just cannot open them... and they just don't work...
  You can try to open them.... and you will find that they just won't work... it's as if they are glued tight shut... and they just don't work.
  [let them try to open... if they can't it means they are in hypnosis now]
Deepen the hypnosis
  That's good... that's exactly the way it should be....
  I wonder if you can imagine being in a comfortable chair... just relaxing somewhere... breathing gently... and going into a pleasant dreamy feeling... letting your mind drift away.... nothing to do .... you don't have think... you don't have to do anything at all... except enjoy that lovely feeling.... nothing bothers you.... calm and relaxed...
  That's good... and just allow your mind to ease even more...
Apply your hypnotic suggestions
9 And while you are in this state your mind is open to many possibilities.... you can imagine things vividly.... you can recall feelings and memories... you can become aware of things in your mind... and things in your body... and outside your body... as if you are floating.... weightless... and open to all experiences....
  Now become aware of you hands.... allow your mind to think about the feeling in your hands... the weight... the temperature.... the way they are lying.... and while you are more and more aware of your hands... you can become aware that some part of you mind feels a need to move some part of your hand.... a finger or a thumb... and you can just allow that to happen... do not assist in any way.... just allow it to happen on its own... and it may start as a tiny tremor... you might feel a tingle or it might be something else... allow that movement to be, and then we can go on....
  [wait for a response, you should see a tiny movement. If it is a big, immediate lift of a finger, then the person is faking it. Tell them to look at you and tell you about what they felt. It is still a good learning experience].
  [If you get a tiny movement then they are in trance. You can then give whatever hypnotic suggestions you want to. 99% of people will be hypnotized by this stage. ]
Bring them out of hypnosis
  And now it's time to return to the present. I am now going to count from five up to one, and when I get to one... you will be back in the present... awake and alert and ready for the rest of your day. 5.... 4.... 3.... 2.... ONE.




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