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The Tarot suit of Wands is about creativity, about new ideas and going forward.

The card on the right is the card from the Suit of Wands that is dominant in your day today.

Examine the card, notice the symbols and colors it contains, look at the actions shown there, and then choose one of the three affirmations for that card from the list below that best suits how you feel today.

Your Wands card for today randomly selected from the Tarot Pack is the Three of Wands.

The essence of the Three of Wands is The first phase is complete.



Tarot affirmations for the tarot cards in the suit of Cups.
Wands: Imagination and Creativity
The Tarot card suit of Wands is all about ideas, creativity, the seeds from which things grow to maturity. The symbol of Wands in the Tarot is Fire. This stands for the imagination, and like the imagination, a single spark can set off a huge explosion of creativity. The Suit of Wands is the first suit, the idea that leads through the emotions of Cups, to the action of Swords and rewards of Pentacles. When many Wands appear in a reading the situation has to do with thoughts, attitudes and how to use these.
Ace of Wands
Outburst of creativity
I am always open to suggestion. Sometimes we find answers in places where we least expect them.
Today I expect something new and unexpected. I will enjoy looking for the indications of what it is.
The time is right to start something totally different.
Two of Wands
Work is under way
The most important thing I can do is to constantly improve myself, my skills and my relationships.
I sometimes need to remind myself that I am actually in a strong position already.
I am going to push on and finish what I have started.
Three of Wands
Completion of the first phase
I have done the preparation, now I need to make it happen.
Now is the time to focus on sustained completion.
I can see a way through every difficulty because I always have a friend to call on.
Four of Wands
A time to reap rewards
It is time to take stock, and make plans to maximize returns.
I enjoy what I have achieved, knowing that it is a step on the way to ultimate success.
It is time to collect what is due to me and insist on getting what I am owed.
Five of Wands
Struggle and Frustration
Every struggle teaches me something.
When I feel frustrated by people and events I remind myself that it is because I have higher expectations.
Sometimes I feel that there is a problem everywhere I look, and then I realize I am not really looking where I should be.
Six of Wands
Public acclaim and success
Today is a day to enjoy what I have and invest some time counting my blessings.
Sometimes I just have to remind myself to feel good about the good things I have done and the many people I have helped.
It is good to enjoy success, but wise to be always thinking of how to keep it.
Seven of Wands
Stiff competition
If it was that easy, it wouldn't be worth getting.
I will not accept anyone putting me down just to satisfy their own selfish needs.
When I have a personal conviction, I am entitled to say 'No!' - and I do.
Eight of Wands
Action and Excitement
My day brings whatever I put into it.
I start every day with curiosity.
This is the only life I will ever have and I not wasting today on boring stuff.
Nine of Wands
Inner Strength and Determination
I know that no matter what the day brings, I have the inner strength to turn disasters into successes, and find joy in adversity.
There is always a way, and I know I will find it.
Every setback is a lesson in disguise.
Ten of Wands
Oppressive Burdens
We are never asked to shoulder more than we can carry.
It is sometimes good to stop and ask 'Do I really need to do this?'
I refuse to let other people's problems get me down.
Page of Wands
A messenger bringing creative ideas
Every day I look forward to breathing in new ideas and new ways of using old ideas.
Each new situation offers opportunities that other people have overlooked.
Knight of Wands
Energy and Action
Today is a day for throwing off my worries and starting something new.
90% of getting something done is starting on it.
Armor can be a defense or a prison. Today I am going to try stepping outside my comfort zone.
Queen of Wands
Generosity and Strength
I know that I am big enough to forgive anybody, rich enough to pay compliments, and wise enough to know when to leave well enough alone.
Every time I help someone, I am building up karma and I will eventually get it back.
The world has enough for everyone and I have the strength of help others get their share.
King of Wands
Charismatic Leader
I think of my life as a play, and I wonder what wonderful character I am going to write into my life today.
I am big enough to ask for help when I need it.
In every situation I do what brings the greatest good to everyone.