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Swords Tarot Card Affirmations

Affirmations for the suit of Swords

Use the tarot to take action today

The card on the right is the card from the Suit of Swords that is dominant in your day today.

Examine the card, notice the symbols and colors it contains, look at the actions shown there, and then choose one of the three affirmations for that card from the list below that best suits how you feel today.

Your Swords card for today randomly selected from the Tarot Pack is the Page of Swords.

The essence of the Page of Swords is New beginnings in mental thought .



Tarot affirmations for the tarot cards in the suit of Swords.
Swords: Life Challenges

The Tarot cards suit of Swords has to do with energy, with passion, desire, ambition, creativity and thrusting forward. The suit of swords is the third suit. Wands create the idea, cups create the feelings, and the swords make that idea possible. Swords are about action, new things, immediate and swift. Tarot Swords are also about difficulties, meeting them and overcoming obstacles.

A Sword card in a tarot reading reminds you to pay attention to the energies around you. Swords are associated with air, with the col our blue. It is the color or rational thought, judgement, valuation, the result of careful consideration, not the impulsiveness of the Cups. A Sword in a reading introduces stress and anxiety to the other cards, but thought and knowledge of the Swords offer a way out, of overcoming the difficulties.



Ace of Swords
Tarot Swords
The old order changes
As I become aware of my own automatic responses, I become aware that I have choices.
Today I am changing my attitude to everything, nothing short of total success will do.
Today is a day for taking action, making things happen, starting a sweeping change that will go on and on.
Two of Swords
Tarot Swords
Tension and Anxiety
Expectations about the future are not based on experience, but on what your choose to remember and what you think you know.
When ever I open the situation and face it square on, a solution always appears.
Until I acknowledge the situation, it cannot be changed
Three of Swords
Tarot Swords
Tension Released
No matter how bad things seem now, it will pass.
Behind every cloud, the sun is shining, and ready to come out.
Some things must be allowed to heal before you can move on.
Disappointment releases the energy to move on.
Four of Swords
Tarot Swords
Recuperation and Convalescence
I make a little private time every day to give myself a little perspective..
Everyone needs a period of total rest now and again to recharge and recuperate.
It is time to build up a reserve of energy ready for the next challenge.
Five of Swords
Tarot Swords
Accept the limits of Victory and Defeat
Today I am going to listen to myself, and stop my own thoughts from limiting my actions.
Big ambitions need to be planned as small achievements.
Acknowledging my opponent's strength is not a weakness.
Six of Swords
Tarot Swords
Move away from strife
Sometimes the best way to deal with a problem is to stay away from it.
Relationships are sometimes best enjoyed at a distance.
Taking a break from problems brings perspective.
Seven of Swords
Tarot Swords
Tact rather than aggression
I am the kind of person who can think things through and follow a plan, so I can wait until the time is right.
My way is get things done discretely and plan each move. That is how I succeed where others fail.
I keep my intentions and ideas quiet until I have the plans in place to make them real.
Eight of Swords
Tarot Swords
Difficulties in becoming free from restriction
If we could see ourselves, we would realize that the things that really hold us back are actually in our own minds.
We do not see things as they are, but rather as we are.
In time the restrictions on me will ease and I can look forward to enjoying more freedom.
Nine of Swords
Tarot Swords
Unfounded Fears and Nightmares
When I face my fears head on, the reality is never as bad as I imagine.
Questioning my beliefs and values makes me stronger.
Things not being the way I want them doesn't mean there has to be something wrong.
Ten of Swords
Tarot Swords
End of a situation or phase
Sometimes you have to accept that no matter how hard you try, it just isn't going to happen.
Sometimes the worst thing you can do is to try to save a situation that is beyond saving.
Everything comes to an end, but each night is followed by a new dawn.
Nothing lasts for ever. Old things have to give way to the new.
Page of Swords
Tarot Swords
New beginnings in mental thought
New ideas are like young men: they need to prove they can last the distance.
It is time for me to make a fresh start.
Something unexpected in the next few days is going to make a difference to my life.
Knight of Swords
Tarot Swords
Welcome disruptive change
Today I am going to challenge everything I don't like about my life.
There can be no change that doesn't upset someone: so be it.
New friends bring problems as well as opportunities.
Queen of Swords
Tarot Swords
Suffering with dignity, accepting things as they are.
The feminine aspect inside me gives me the independence and flexibility to achieve in different ways.
What can not be changed must be endured.
Through adversity, strength.
King of Swords
Tarot Swords
Authority figure, firm but fair
I weigh up everything before I take action, but when I do, it is decisive.
Being smart is not about knowing the right answer, it is about asking the smart question.
I consider all offers carefully and then act in my own best interest.