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Affirmations for the suit of Pentacles

Use the tarot to take action today

The card on the right is the card from the Suit of Pentacles that is dominant in your day today.

Examine the card, notice the symbols and colors it contains, look at the actions shown there, and then choose one of the three affirmations for that card from the list below that best suits how you feel today.

Your Pentacles card for today randomly selected from the Tarot Pack is the Eight of Pentacles.

The essence of the Eight of Pentacles is Learning new skills.



Tarot affirmations: tarot cards in the suit of Pentacles.
Pentacles: Money and Potential
The Tarot cards suit of Pentacles is the fourth and final suit in the Tarot deck. Tarot pentacles symbolize the earth and its riches. The four suits of the Tarot show a progression from ideas to reality. Tarot pentacles represent the reality: wealth and abundance. In a Tarot reading Pentacles indicate money and financial success, business, gifts, estates, houses, investments. A pentacle Tarot card usually means someone or something measured in money is coming into your life, or it is time to think about success and wealth and where it is leading you. .
Ace of Pentacles
Tarot Pentacles
A financial opportunity
In every age, in every society, no matter how restricted or unpromising, there are always those who prosper. I aim to be one of them.
I am always able to find the silver lining.
Gaining money is one of the greatest's goods, for without money how can I help those less fortunate?
Two of Pentacles
Change and Versatility
I am the type of person who can turn their hand to anything.
Every problem is just an opportunity waiting for someone.
Coins are round to remind us to turn around: wealth can roll in from any direction.
Three of Pentacles
Initial completion of work
I have three secret strengths: teamwork, planning and a willingness to do what it takes.
There is nothing so satisfying as achieving something in a team and sharing the outcome.
I know enough to know that I can learn the rest.
Four of Pentacles
Holding on too tightly
Money should let you do what you want, not dictate what you do.
Coins have two sides to remind us that there are two sides to wealth.
Maybe it is time to consider whether you own your possessions, or do they own you?
Five of Pentacles
Loss of Wealth or Faith
Sometimes you have to almost lose ever thing to appreciate the value of what you have.
I live in the richest time there ever was, and there is more than enough for me if I will ask for it.
Every setback can be seen as a lesson.
Anytime I feel hard done to, I think of those who are really suffering, and thank my maker for what I still have.
Six of Pentacles
Generosity and Charity
The best way to learn is to teach, the best to earn is to give.
Do I really earn what I get? Or could I contribute more?
Give to people in need. They do not have to earn it or deserve it, only to need it.
Seven of Pentacles
The need to decide
Maybe it is time to strike out into a new area, to leave off what I have been doing and dare to succeed.
A wrong decision can be fixed, but not deciding at all means the world moves on without you, and that can't be fixed.
This would be a good day to review how far I have come, and to decide if it is really the direction I want to go.
There is always a choice, there is always something I can do.
Eight of Pentacles
Learning new skills
I am the type of person who never stops learning.
I am going to start today, and learn what I need on the way.
There comes a time when I just have to accept the risk of failing, and go ahead anyway.
I might fail, but I will always have the satisfaction of knowing that I gave it a go.
Nine of Pentacles
Success and Enjoyment
Sometimes I just have to remind myself that, all in all, life can be pretty darn good.
I can find something to do every day to promote my own wellbeing.
Being blessed in one area can make up for other areas.
Ten of Pentacles
Passing on positive traditions
Keep on doing what you love with passion and care, and the rewards will come in due time.
Passing on money is good, but the gift of knowledge lasts longer, and a gift of love outlasts them all.
I know I am destined for success, and every day I think of something to do that will bring that day closer.
Page of Pentacles
Small beginnings
Great oaks from little acorns grow.
Every successful business started with a simple idea and stuck to it.
Every time I think there is nothing I can do, a tiny opportunity appears.
Knight of Pentacles
Progress is slow but steady
Remember that the tortoise beat the hare - sure and steady is the way to success.
Reliability and consistency are worth more than any number of flashy ideas.
Steady business now means I can expect an upswing later.
Queen of Pentacles
Love of Luxury
My idea of luxury is lots of good friends and the promise of a bright future.
My wealth lies within me.
I have inherited so much - intelligence, passion, love and kindness and the constant desire to learn more.
King of Pentacles
Financial Security and stability
The route to success is though generosity. The more you give in life the more you get back.
I seek out successful people in life, and copy what they do.
The King of Pentacles reminds me that the world rewards only those who actively try for wealth.