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Affirmations for the suit of Cups

Use the tarot to take action today

The card on the right is the card from the Suit of Cups that is dominant in your day today.

Examine the card, notice the symbols and colors it contains, look at the actions shown there, and then choose one of the three affirmations for that card from the list below that best suits how you feel today.

Your Cups card for today randomly selected from the Tarot Pack is the Five of Cups.

The essence of the Five of Cups is Regret and Sorrow.



Tarot affirmations for the tarot cards in the suit of Cups.
Cups: Feelings and Emotions
The Tarot cards suit of Cups has to do with feelings, emotions, love, hate, friendship, grief, sorrow, doubt and caring. The Suit of Cups is the second suit in the Tarot. A Cup in a tarot reading reminds you to pay attention to the play of emotions in you and around you. Cups are always associated with water, and water is ever changing, flowing, moving. Water changes shape to suit whatever container is it in, and emotions change to fit the people you share your world with. Use the Tarot to find the affirmation that's right for you right now.
Ace of Cups
New beginnings emotionally
I am ready now to make that new beginning, emotionally and spiritually.
I am ready for something new in friendships, relationships and love.
I am allowing myself to be open to my emotions, and to follow them where ever they lead.
Two of Cups
Today I am going to find someone I don't know well and make a friend of them.
Today I am going to find three ways of making myself open and available to an approach of friendship.
There is only one thing better than friendship - and that is making up a broken friendship. .
Three of Cups
Today is a day for celebrating life and everything good that it brings to me.
Now is to time reflect on what has been achieved, to look forward and go on to even better things.
I am going to call three people today just to share my good feelings and remind us both of the pleasures of sharing.
Four of Cups
When I feel bored I remind myself that it is really my mind telling me to look outside myself and take the opportunities on offer there.
I can enjoy the routine of daily life, because I know it will eventually lead to the outcome I want.
What I want in life is actually out there waiting for me, I just have to look in the right place.
Five of Cups
Regret and Sorrow
I prefer to think about what is available to me now, instead of what has been lost.
What I have lost is only a tiny part of what I have left, and what I have now will grow to fill that space.
There are things that I regret, but my future is big enough to hold all that and more
Six of Cups
Past memories and future dreams
I focus on the good in life, and that constantly refreshes a sense of inner content.
I enjoy my work, because the only difference between work and play is attitude.
When I think of the simple, innocent pleasures in my life, I feel blessed.
Seven of Cups
Fantasies and Daydreams
I follow my dreams by making sure I do something every day to make that dream come true.
The world is full of possibilities, but only if you do something about them. Do it now.
I no longer dream of a better life. I make it happen.
No one is going to come looking for you to make you rich. You have at least meet them halfway.
Eight of Cups
It is time to move on, to accept that this cycle has run its course, better times are ahead.
Maybe this is what I needed to start on my personal journey to discover who I am.
I refuse to get burned out for other people's needs.
Nine of Cups
Sensual Satisfaction
I am going to set some time aside to today to feel good about myself and what I do. I deserve it.
I have a feeling that today everything is going to go just right.
I am going to enjoy everything I do, everything I eat, everyone I meet, and reward myself with pure pleasure.
Ten of Cups
Contentment and a happy home life
If you look for the good in everyone, you are sure to find it.
I believe that many good things are coming my way, and my future will be filled with love and joy.
I can get along with anybody and find pleasure in anything, and that simple ability fills my life with contentment.
Page of Cups
New Emotional Beginnings
There is something in the air that lets me know that I am ready to be open to new feelings.
Today is a day to be creative and let my imagination soar.
Today I am ready to harvest a new relationship from a seed I planted long ago.
Knight of Cups
The Romantic Lover
Enough of the 'same old, same old'. It time to some romance back into my life.
It is time to throw off the ordinary, and start to pursue my dreams.
I am going to dare and make my feelings known.
Queen of Cups
The Beloved
I need to pay more attention to my feelings, and to act on them.
I always follow my instincts and intuition.
Maybe I need to stop thinking about what I think about me, and just let someone love me.
King of Cups
One who both loves and fears
I am going to stop being cautious and reserved, I am going to go all the way emotionally from now on.
I recognise and respect my own complexity, and I acknowledge both the masculine and feminine in me.
It is time to stop cowering on the beach, and plunge head first into the sea of life.