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Daily affirmations from the Major Arcana tarot cards

The card on the right is the card from the Major Arcana that is dominant in your day today.

Examine the card, notice the symbols and colors it contains, look at the actions shown there. Then scroll down to the tarot card entry below and read the three affirmations for that card. Choose the one that best suits the change you want to make today.

Your Major Arcana Tarot card for today is The Empress.

The essence of The Empress is Creativity, Fertility and Relationship.




The Major Arcana
Affirmations by Tarot Card

The FoolTarot Card Affirmation
The urge to change overcomes fear
Progress in any direction is better than no progress at all.
There comes a time in life when you just have to move on, and maybe that time is now.
I will never know unless I try, so I am going to do it anyway.
MagicianTarot Card Affirmation
New beginnings, opportunities and talents
I only need a touch of inspiration to find those unused talents that will make the difference.
I don't need anyone, I can find my opportunities myself.
I take every day as a clean start, and step into a world of fresh possibilities.
The High Priestess
Tarot Card Affirmation
Secrets revealed, mysteries uncovered
I know that behind the obvious, in the day to day workings, there is a power greater than all of us.
My dreams are not random, there is a destiny that is slowly being made known to me.
I will think about my problems rationally, and be open to that gentle wisdom within.
The Empress
Tarot Card Affirmation
Creativity, Fertility and Relationship
The power of nature is in me and around me, and I am going to let that power grow in me like a green tree reaching for the warmth of the sun.
This world has more than enough for me and my needs, and I am ready to share.
Today is a day for indulgence in physical pleasures, to let go, to do what feels right.
The Emperor
Tarot Card Affirmation
Authority, ambition and material stability
I have the ability and discipline to stick to my plan no matter what.
It is time for me to take control and use my talents to organize the outcome I choose.
There is freedom within rules, and I am entitled use the whole width of the playing field.
The Hierophant
Tarot Card Affirmation
Search for spiritual meaning
By seeking a deeper meaning I am uniting mind, body and spirit and learning to know myself.
Knowing myself is more important than material wealth or the approval of others.
I am becoming more and more aware now of that special resource within me that connects to the greater whole.
The Lovers
Tarot Card Affirmation
Love and choice
All relationships involve compromise, but I have a right to equality and respect.
I do have the courage make hard choices and to accept whatever comes.
My ideal relationship is about the union of mental, physical and sexual energy.
The Chariot
Tarot Card Affirmation
Struggle and tension
All I need to reach my goals is to be faithful to my own values.
The more things pull at me, the more I am determined to succeed.
I am determined to be the type of person that nothing distracts me once I have made my mind up
Tarot Card Affirmation
A balanced mind found through logic
In everything I do I seek to balance passion and prudence, logic and desire.
By refusing to go along with unfairness and exploitation to myself or any one else, I am in my own small way changing the world.
Passion is good, but I make sure mine is balanced by logic.
Tarot Card Affirmation
Cooperation and Sharing
Whenever in doubt, I take the middle ground.
In every conflict, I try to see both sides.
The key to relationships always is to take a little of the other person's view as your own.
Tarot Card Affirmation
Inner courage and strength
Just when I need it, something always comes along to give me the inner strength I need.
I have the strength to direct my own inner demons to useful purposes.
Every failure just summons up more of that inner strength and determination to keep going.
The Hermit
Tarot Card Affirmation
Patience and Prudence
The best lit path is the one illuminated by your own inner conscience.
When I need a new direction, I only have to look within myself.
There is no darkness strong enough to put out the light of even the smallest candle. My faith is my strength.
The Wheel
of Fortune
Tarot Card Affirmation
Changes in fortune
How many reversals of fortune actually turn out to be the best thing that could have happened?
You have to be in the game to win. Fortune is blind, so strike out boldly and put yourself among the players.
The are no accidents, everything is connected, so I welcome every change in fortune as a message for my guidance.
I welcome change: there is always a fair wind blowing for somebody.
The Hanged Man
Tarot Card Affirmation
If it is worth having, it is worth making a sacrifice for.
In every setback I try to imagine my situation from a different point of view, and there is always a way out.
There is no point in hanging on to old ideas, to go forward you first have to let go.
Tarot Card Affirmation
Transformation and change
Death is there to remind me to enjoy the life I have, that no matter what happens, life has to be lived to the full.
My life is a series of transitions, and I step boldly forward into each new stage, large or small.
Death is not an end, it is actually clears the way for new beginnings.
The Devil
Tarot Card Affirmation
Power and energy imprisoned
The main thing holding you back is your belief that there is something holding you back.
No one can punish people like they punish themselves - maybe now is the time to stop.
No one has power over you unless you first give it to them.
The Tower
Tarot Card Affirmation
Destruction and Renewal
I cannot be truly free until I have demolished the old ways completely.
I have to constantly refine and redefine my ideas, values and beliefs if I am to progress beyond my limits.
A fixed belief is as much a prison as it is a defence.
The Star
Tarot Card Affirmation
Hope and inspiration
There is something in my life that knows where I need to go, and I can feel it gently leading me there now.
Every time I start counting my blessings I run out of numbers.
The stars in the sky are like the opportunities in life, the harder you look the more there are.
The Moon
Tarot Card Affirmation
Fluctuation and Uncertainty
Nothing is truly constant, so I welcome uncertainty as proof that things are unfolding the way they should be.
The highs and lows of my life are like the tides of the sea, the result of some unsuspected pattern that informs my destiny.
There are any number of relationships possible between any two people, and they fluctuate over time.
The Sun
Tarot Card Affirmation
Joy, optimism and clarity
Every time I feel down, I just imagine a sunny day, and what seemed impossible becomes easy.
Every day, the sun is there whether we see it or not, and just as I know the sun is there somewhere, so is my destiny.
The daily sunrise reminds us that when you open your eyes you can see forever.
Tarot Card Affirmation
Resurrection and resolution
We all come into this world naked, and that's how we all leave it. It's time to focus on what lasts.
When I feel things are overwhelming me, I imagine what I would like them to say at my funeral, and act accordingly.
What have you done today to build up karma for the next life?
The World
Tarot Card Affirmation
Achievement, Success and Completion
If I died next week, would people consider my life a success?
It is time for the parts of my life to come together and create an irresistible energy.
I believe that when one door closes, is only because another door is opening.


The Suits and RANKS of the Tarot Deck


Beginnings, original action, creativity
There is a time for everything, and when the time is right I know it and act on it.
Lay down a path for others, and you will be surprised at who comes along it.
It is never too late to begin afresh.
Union, imagination, conception, setting out
I make sure I have at least one coffee break with a friend every week.
I am never afraid to ask, most people regard being asked to help as a compliment.
In all things, be true to yourself, and you will go far.
Outcome of 1 & 2, self expression, exuberance
A true friend takes two strangers and creates three friends.
Nothing in this world is worth as much as the company of a good friend.
Every morning I tell myself that this has just been a preparation, my best is yet to come.
Hard work, careful planning
Good work will always be rewarded.
Sometimes it seems like there is no end to drudgery, but little by little it is paying off.
One part has finished and there is now time and room enough to expand.
Movement, excitement, adventure
Beware of gaining the world but losing something precious.
I can thrive on conflict and use it to get what I want.
Competition makes me stronger.
Harmony, quiet circumstances
The joy in life is in the details not the broad sweep.
Whenever I meet conflict I seek to understand how others see it first.
I have the ability to be happy in any situation.
Solitude, soul searching
Before you can say you enjoy life, you have to examine it.
I believe that there is something greater at work than we can know.
A time of reflection is the last stage before completion.
Energy and Efficiency, using experience
Every day I try to make my work a little better, a little faster, to work a little smarter than yesterday
I try to never have to look up the same information twice.
The harder I work, the luckier I get.
Reaching completeness, coming clear
I don't allow minor imperfections to spoil my enjoyment.
This is just a level I have to stay at for a while, then the jouney upward begins.
Through everything that has happened a pattern is emerging.
End & beginning, time to move on
There is a cycle to everything and what is meant to come will come.
I wonder if it is time for me to move on?
All bridges have two ends.
New and unformed ideas
Our lives are just a walk along the threshold between one world and another.
A good day is a day when I have enabled someone to discover something about themselves, some ability they didn't know they had.
In every sitation there is a seed of opportunity.
All on a quest for something
Never stop looking, never stop trying, never accept second best. I am worth more than that.
Don't be so involved in the journey that you lose sight of the destination.
All artists start with the same paint. It's not what you start with, it's what you decide you want to do with it.
I am bringing up my children with the confidence to one day make our family name famous.
By fairness in all my dealings I spread happiness around me.
In any situation I know I will ultimately win because I am willing to give my all, whatever it takes.
I can do anything, become anything.
I am strong and determined, and that means I can succeed.
I always look for opportunities to show how good I can be.

The Suits of the Tarot Deck


Cups Tarot Major Aracana
Feelings and Emotions
My feelings make me what I am, and I am free to express them any way I like.
I welcome feeling apprehensive because that means I am reaching the point where I can become more than I am.
I welcome and enjoy all my feelings when they come out because danger lurks in darkness, not in the open.
Wands Tarot Major Aracana
Imagination and Creativity
Imagination is what makes life living so let your imagine free today, think about what might be, not what is.
I look forward to acting like a child for part of every day, to be open to my own inner powers.
Life is like a journey from possibility to opportunity.
Swords Tarot Major Aracana
Challenges and Logic
Some things need action and some things need careful thought. Success lies in knowing the difference.
The harder I work the happier and healthier I feel.
It's easier to pick the fruit if you plan and wait until the time is ripe.
Pentacles Tarot Major Aracana
Money and Potential
Compared to relationship problems or health problems, money problems are the easiest to solve. So think about how to get out of it, not about how big it is. There is always a way.
When you are out window shopping, often the most valuable thing in the window is your own reflection.
If you can see the bandwagon, you've probably missed it. Get in early and make a difference.